KIN 2509 Ch 18

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  1. angiography
    radiography of vessels after the injection of a radiopaque contrast medium
  2. coronary angiography
    angiography of the coronary arteries to determine any pathological obstructions of the arteries that supply blood to the heart
  3. angiogram
    radiographic image of the heart and blood vessels obtained after the injection of a contrast medium
  4. barium sulfate
    a contrast medium used in diagnostic contrast studies of the gastrointestinal system
  5. catheter
    a hollow, flexible tube that can be inserted into a vessel or cavity of the body to inject or remove fluids
  6. cineradiography
    the filming with a movie camera of the images that appear on a fluorescent screen, especially those images of body structures that have been injected with a nontoxic radiopaque medium; used for diagnostic purposes
  7. coldspot
    light shades of grey on a scan that indicate a decreased uptake of a radiopharmaceutical substance
  8. contrast medium
    in radiology, a substance that is injected into the body, introduced via catheter or swallowed, to facillitate radiographic imaging of internal structures that otherwise are difficult to visualize on x-ray films
  9. gamma camera
    a device that uses the emission of light from a crystal struck by gamma rays to produce an image of the distribution of radioactive material in a body organ
  10. gamma rays
    high energy waves emitted by radioactive substances
  11. half-life
    the time required for a radioactive substance to lose 50% of its activity through decay
  12. hotspot
    darker shades of grey on a scan that indicate an increased uptake of a radiopharmaceutical substance
  13. in vitro
    a biological reaction occuring in laboratory apparatus, such as in a test tube or culture medium
  14. isotope
    one of two or more forms of a chemical element having almost identical properties
  15. lumen
    a tubular cavity or the channel within any organ or structure of the body
  16. myelogram
    radiograph of the spinal canal after injection of a contrast medium
  17. percutaneous approach
    technique in which a catheter is introduced through the skin into an organ, body cavity, or vessel to perform an interventional procedure such as fluid drainage or stone removal
  18. radiation
    emission of xrays from a common source; used for therapeutic and diagnostic purposes
  19. radioactive
    pertaining to a substance capable of emitting radiant energy
  20. radioisotope
    a radioactive isotope of an element; used for therapeutic and diagnostic purposes
  21. radiopharmaceutical
    • radioactive element occuring either as an individual element or as an element attached to another substance called a carrier
    • used in testing the location, size, outline, or function of tissues, organs, vessels, or body fluids
  22. shield
    a protective device, usually containing lead, to block radiation absorption by the body
  23. tracer study
    study in which radionucleotides are used as tags, attached to a chemical, and followed as they move through the body
  24. ultrasound tests
    studies in which ultrasound images of the internal structures of the body are produced using sound waves
  25. uptake
    absorption of a radiopharmaceutical into tissues or organs of the body
  26. anter/o
    anterior, front
  27. fluor/o
    luminous, fluorescent
  28. later/o
    side, to one side
  29. medi/o
  30. poster/o
    back (of body), behind, posterior
  31. proxim/o
    near, nearest
  32. radi/o
    radiation, x-ray, radius (lower arm bone on thumb side)
  33. anteroposterior
    from the front to the back of the body
  34. fluoroscope
    an instrument used for immediate projection of a radiographic image on a fluorescent screen for visual examination
  35. lateral
    pertaining to one side of the body
  36. mediolateral
    pertaining to the middle and the side of the body
  37. posterolateral
    pertaining to the back and side of the body
  38. proximal
    pertaining nearer to a point of reference, usually the trunk of the body, when compared with another part of the body
  39. radiography
    the process of recording an x-ray
  40. son/o
  41. therapeut/o
  42. tom/o
    to cut
  43. ventr/o
    belly, belly-side
  44. ab-
    from, away from
  45. ad-
  46. cine-
  47. echo-
    a repeated sound
  48. sonogram
    an image of the internal structures of the body obtained through the use of high-frequency sound waves
  49. therapeutic
    pertaining to a treatment that is beneficial to the body
  50. tomography
    radiographic technique that produces a film representing a detailed cross-section of a tissue structure
  51. ventral
    pertaining to the front side of the body
  52. abduction
    lateral movement of a limb away from the body
  53. adduction
    lateral movement of a limb toward the body
  54. echogram
    radiographic image that is produced when ultrasound echo patterns reflect off tissues of different densities
  55. epi-
    above, upon
  56. hypo-
    under, below
  57. infra-
    under, below
  58. inter-
  59. intra-
    in, within
  60. iso-
    same, equal
  61. peri-
  62. retro-
    backward, behind
  63. sub-
  64. trans-
    across, through
  65. ultra-
    excess, beyond
  66. epigastric
    pertaining to the region of the abdomen above the stomach
  67. hypogastric
    pertaining to the region of the abdomen below the stomach
  68. infracostal
    pertaining to the area below the ribs
  69. intercostal
    pertaining to the area between the ribs
  70. intravenous
    pertaining to within a vein
  71. isothermal
    having equal temperature
  72. perimetry
    act of measuring a border or edge of the body
  73. retropharynx
    the posterior portion of the throat
  74. substernal
    pertaining to the area below the sternum (breastbone)
  75. transabdominal
    pertaining to across or through the abdominal wall
  76. -gram
    record, writing
  77. -graph
    instrument for recording
  78. -graphy
    process of recording
  79. -lucent
    to shine, clear
  80. -opaque
  81. arteriogram
    a radiograph of an artery after the injection of a radiopaque contrast medium
  82. cardiograph
    an instrument for recording the electrical activity of the heart
  83. arthrography
    radiography of a joint after the injection of a contrast medium
  84. radiolucent
    substances that allow x-rays to penetrate with a minimum of absorption
  85. radiopaque
    substances that do not permit the passage of x-rays or other radiant energy
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