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  1. Special investigations are cases that are....
    UNIQUE and often require sepcial training to fully understand thier broad significance.
  2. Domestic Abuse Prevalence
    the most common site of violent interpersonal conflict
  3. Domesic Violence
    May take the form of a conflict between married persons, or the abuse directed toward children.
  4. Domestic Violence typically goes unreported
  5. What examples of special investigations
    • Domestic abuse
    • Organized crime
    • Hate Crimes
    • Arson
    • Explosions
  6. Special investigation crimes are increasing and have a stronger impact on society
  7. When family members engage in violent crime against relatives what type of assaults do they commit.
    Simple or aggravated
  8. Spouce Abuse
    a bttery commitred by one married partner on the other.
  9. Battery
    • when one individual inflicts bodily harm on another individual, ranging from touching to throwing an object.
    • Key words: Actually and Intentionally inflicting bodily harm on someone
  10. Statute 784.1
    • Battery
    • Does not need victims consent
  11. Stalking
    acquainteances, strangers or husbands and wives who seek out thier former mates to terrorize.
  12. Categories of Stalking
    Simple obsessive, Love obsessional and Erotmomatic
  13. The fastest growing ABUSED POPULATION
  14. Domestic Child Abuse: Prior to 1973...
    Child abuse was rarely reported before the MONDALE ACT was funded.
  15. Examples of the professionals that are enacted by law to report suspicion of child abuse
    health practitionsers, social workers, teachers, and police officers
  16. Califorinia requirements for reporting child abuse:
    • 1. Children who have sustained injuries that appear to have been inflicted by other thatn accidental means.
    • 2. Children who have been sexually molested.
    • 3. Children who have sustained unjustifiable physical pain or mental suffering
    • 4. Children who have been injured or permitted to be injured by those leagally responsible for thier care
    • 5. Children who have been placed or permitted to be placed by those legally responsible for thier care in a situation injurious to thier health or welfare.
  17. Most cases of child abuse are invstigated by both law-enforcement officails and local child protective services worker.
  18. Emotional Deprivation is one of the most difficult types of abuse to detect.
  19. What is the greatest protential to produce delinquent behavior in adolecents and criminal behavior in adults.
    Emotional Deprivation
  20. What is the most common type of child abuse?
  21. What is Neglect
    When a parent or caretaker of a child fails to provide adequate food, shelter, clothing, protection, supervision, or health care.
  22. Gathering Child Abuse Evidence Procedures
    The evidence must be carefully documented and photographed.
  23. Typical conditions of Environmental signs of abuse/neglect
    Kitchen: dirty glasses and dishes,insects, filthy standing water in sink, spoiled food.

    Sleeping Areas:General Diry and unkempt appearance, unmade beds, dirty bed linens, lack of linens, clothes thrown on the floor.

    Bathroom: General unsanitary appearence, waste in the toilet, contents of medicine cabinet accessible to children, waste material on floor.
  24. The act that authorizes the entry of related identification data in the FBI's National Crime Information Center and allows parent to verify such information
    Missing Children Act in 1982
  25. organized crime
    pertains to any group of suspects who have formed a highly orgainzed, disciplined association engaged in criminal activities.
  26. A new derivative of the mafia
    La Cosa Nostra
  27. The most sizable and powerful organized crime group in the country, traced to the Sicilian Mafia.
    La Cosa Nostra 1282
  28. Loan Sharking
    • Second largest source of revenue for the LCN.
    • Lending money at a higher interest rate that legal
  29. Organized Criminal Groups in the California Prison System
    La Neustra Familia, Mexican Mafia, Aryan Brotherhood, and Black Guerilla Family.
  30. The largest and best-armed criminal organizaions in the United States
    Motor-cycle gangs
  31. Because of the international aspects of illegal drugs, agenciy cooperation must extend to foreign police departments to stop the operation at its source.
  32. Redruf v. New York - Pornogrophy
  33. Tactical inteligence
    used to meet short term needs
  34. Strategic Intelligence
    patterns of activity useful in planing and decision making for future operations
  35. A criminal offense committed against a person , property, or society that is motivated, in whole or in part, by the offender's bias against a race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or ethnicity/national origin
    Hate Crime
  36. Hate Crime Statistics Act April 23,1990.
    FBI 's UCR must include crimes motivated by Hate
  37. Hate crimes are not separate, distinct crimes but traditional offenses motivated by the perpetrator's bias
  38. Hate groups are on the rise because of.....
    the internet is anonymous and it has an instant audiance.
  39. Two important questions to ask to know if a crime should be classified as a Hate Crime.
    Is there evidence that the suspect used biased oral comments, gestures, or written statements?

    Did the suspect leave bias-related objects or symbols at the crime scene?
  40. What is the study of fingerprints for identification purposes, based upon distinctive ridge outlines that appear on the bulbs on the inside of the end joints of the fingers and thumbs.
  41. Raised layers of skin along which are scattered the ends of tiny ducts, or pores, from the sweat galnds in the dermal layer underneath.
    Finger Print Ridges
  42. What is the Califorina penal code for murder?
  43. What number represents Folk?
  44. What number represents People?
  45. What symbol represents Folk?
    Pitch Fork
  46. What symbol represents People?
  47. Who founded the Black Disciples?
    David Barksdale
  48. Who founded the Gangster Disciples?
    Lary Hoover
  49. What is a wannabe?
    a person who hangs with gang members but is not part of the gang
  50. A black light is ultra violet.
  51. What is the Narcotics Statute?
  52. What is the Theft Statute
  53. What charge will someone get for Grand Theft
  54. What charge will you get for peti-theft?
  55. What is the average loss of a vehicle theft?
  56. What does VIN stand for?
    Vehicle Identification Number
  57. Where is the VIN found on a car?
    Driver side of the dash board
  58. What is the motivation for stealing?
  59. Where do they take shoplifters into custody?
    Outside the location
  60. What is the most common form of Identity theft?
    Credit card
  61. A Grand Jury decides if an indictment is handed down.
  62. Who presents the state's case?
    Prosecutor and cop/criminal investigator
  63. What three choices do the defendent have when entering a plea
    Guilty, Not Guilty, Nolo Contendere
  64. Guilty pleas avoid trial process
  65. Why do some lawyers not like to make opening statements?
    They do not want to give away strategies.
  66. What information is allowed in a trial?
    Relevant, Material, and Competant
  67. MS13 came from El Salvador and is know for being quite violent
  68. What drug can you make out of the substance in poppy seeds?
  69. What are some of the street names for Methamphetamines
    Meth, Crank, Ice
  70. Meth is a huge problem in the U.S.
  71. What is the Love Drug?
  72. What is the biggest cash crop in California?
    Domestic Marijuana
  73. Special Investigation is unique
  74. What are the different types of finger prints?
    loop, arch, whirl
  75. Voice analysis is allowed in court.
  76. Facial recognition is becoming more prevelent.
  77. What factors influence eye witness testimony?
    Internal and external factors
  78. What is the most common type of cold case?
  79. Multi-agency units are very effective.
  80. What should you do with a picture that has been identified in a line-up?
    mark it
  81. Investigative seeks to test........
    the answer is FALSE.
  82. Larceny is so high that no other measurable crime category can equal it in dollars
  83. When has larceny occured?
    when one unlawfully, without force, obtains or takes an item of value from another with the intent to permanently deprive.
  84. What is the act of larceny?
    exerting unauthorized control of the property
  85. What is the intent of larceny?
    the intent to permenently deprive
  86. Larceny and motor vehicle theft account for well over 60% of the total crime index.
  87. Geographically, where do more thefts occur?
    The south
  88. What is the average value of property stolen in each reported theft?
  89. Females have a higher involvement in larcenty than in any other crime.
  90. Which age category experience the highest vehicle theft rate?
    Younger victims
  91. What are the motivations for stealing a vehicle?
    Joyriding, additional criminal activity, profit motives
  92. What is the one of the fastest-growing trends of vehicle parts larceny?
  93. What is auto chopping?
    dismantlying the major body components of a vehicle, such as the fenders, doors, and hood.
  94. What three groups of offenders make up an auto chopping crew?
    • Salvage yard owner
    • Vehicle theif
    • Chopping crew
  95. What is the NICB?
    it is the National Insurance Crime Bureau, that was founded by civilians and funded by the insurance agency to help decrease auto theft larceny.
  96. What organization developed the License Plate Reader Program?
  97. What organization operated the National Insurance Crime Training Academy?
  98. Who had the greatest probability of observing a stolen vehicle?
    Uniformed patrol officers in routine patrol
  99. What is cold plate on a hot car?
    When a thief puts an old license plate on a stolen vehicle
  100. What is a car clouter?
    a person that steals things from cars other than main car parts. Exp: camera, money, radio....
  101. What is employee pilferage?
    when empoyee's steal from thier employers.
  102. What is the average loss in one shoplifting incident?
  103. Shoplifting suspects most common age range?
    30-60 years old are more than half
  104. What day do most arrest for shoplifting happen?
  105. Kleptomania
    a mental illness that compels people to steal.
  106. Booster Device
    • is any objsect other than clothing that is used to steal.
    • Exp: a package with a hallowed out section.
  107. Confidence Swindles or Bunco Swindles
    involev deceit and trickery to accomplish the swindler's aim to induce te victim to part with something of value.
  108. Bunco Swindles prey on individuals with what type of trait or weakness.
    greed, superstition, frugality, cooperation, and ignorance
  109. Pigeon-drop
    • typifies the requirements for a successful bunco operation.
    • greed, fast talk, and considerable money losss
  110. Affinity Scams
    typically target a certain race, ethnicity or religion. They take advantage of new immigrants coming into the country
  111. Superstition Swindles
    occur with victims who irrationally fear that harmful consequences will result form thier failure to act or comply with some type of action.
  112. Frugality Swindles
    when a victim desires to save on money and get offered the opportunity to have work done for half the price. They may pay an initial installment then never see the worker agian.
  113. Bank Examiner Swindler
    the victim is asked to assist in an investigation. They are told to withdraw a sum of money from a specific bank teller then the swindler takes the money as "evidence." The victim never sees thier money agian.
  114. What is the most frequent use of Ultraviolet Examination and Photography?
    examination of questioned documents
  115. Drug abuse
    the consumption of a controlled substance without medical authorization.
  116. About how much money is spent to purchase illegal drugs?
    $49 billion anually
  117. Who shares the responsibility for investigating drug crimes?
    Federal, State and Local Law enforcement
  118. What do narcotics do to the central nervous system?
    it produces a depressant effect
  119. What did the Controlled Substance Act of 1970 do?
    it classified cocaine and other nondepressants as narcotics
  120. Is cocaine a stimulant?
  121. Does cocaine derive from the opium poppy?
  122. Which narcotics are alkaloid derivatives of opium?
    Morphine, Codeine, and Herion
  123. Where are poppies grown for the use of illegal purposes?
    Mexico, South America, Southeast Asia, and Southwest Asia
  124. What is the Soldier Disease?
    Was the prevelance of soldiers addicted to MORPHINE after the Civil War.
  125. Herion abuse is the most pervalent in the inner cities of larte metropolitan areas, yet, new middle-class young-adult and late-adolescent users in the suburbs are heavily contributing to the growth rate of this narcotic.
  126. Which U.S. City currently has the larges total number of heroin addicts?
    New York
  127. Which U.S. city has the highest proportional herion problem of and large Amaerican city?
  128. Which narcotic is totally synthetic?
  129. What is the main use of Methadone?
    Helps with Heroin detoxification.
  130. Barbituates, tranquilizers are depressants
  131. Amphetamines = uppers
  132. Nickname for PCP
    angel dust
  133. What produces the most violent behavior out of all drugs?
    PCP it was used as an anestetic
  134. LSD was first synthesized where and by who?
    In Switzerland, by Albert Hoffman from lysergic acid present in certain fungus that forms on rye and wheat.
  135. What are the Stages in the Development of Drug-Use Patterns?
    • 1. The use begins with small, isolated groups
    • 2. Users experiment with other forms of drug abuse
    • 3. Users focus on specific drug, and dealing accelerates
    • 4. Drug use increases, as does the level of dealing
    • 5. Drug use reaches epidemic proportions and overloads police and other publice agency resources
  136. Continuous Surveillance
    the subject is constantly observed
  137. Sporadic Surveillance
    • situational in nature
    • exp:surveillance of an undercover officer would be sporadic int that the officer would be wathced only during his field contaces with the suspects.
  138. What are the two main things that indicates a hate crime?
    There is evidence that the suspect used biased oral comments, gestures, or written statements.

    The suspect left bias-related objects or symbols at the crime scene.
  139. What is the annual loss from arson?
  140. What are the 5 arson types?
    • 1. natural
    • 2. accidental
    • 3. suspicious
    • 4. incendiary
    • 5 unknown cause
  141. Example of a Natural fire?
    lighting hits; forrest fire in summer
  142. Example of an Accidental fire?
    cooking, smoking in bed, falty wiring
  143. Example of a Suspicious fire?
    a fire that seems suspicious
  144. Example of an Incendiary fire?
    a fire that was intentionally set using a handheld flame or a delayed device
  145. Example of a Unknown Cause of fire?
    really?....... umm it's just unkown duh!
  146. Average loss and occurance a Motor Vehicle is set on fire?
    $6,200 and 32% of the time
  147. Latent Fingerprints are what?
    They are fingerprints taken from the scene of the crime.
  148. Who were the first historic crime group in America?
  149. What is the term for the system of determining the truth?
    Accusatorial Procedure
  150. 1 What happens at First Arraignment?
    it is a short hearing where the judge informs the accused of their legal rights, fixes bail, and sets a date for the preliminary hearing.
  151. What is it called when a formal accusation of the offense is presented?
  152. What is a Grand Jury?
    citizens who vote to either indict the suspect or to dismiss the case.
  153. When are police testimonies not offered?
    Opening statement
  154. What is a Direct examination?
    When witnesses for the prosecution are then called and questioned by the prosecuting attorney
  155. What is it called when the defense attorney elects to engage cross-examination of the prosecution witnesses?
  156. Who are the MOB?
    Major Offense Bureau developed due to research that a small proportion of criminals that make up the majority of serious crimes. 10% do 55% of crime
  157. What three factors do the MOB evaluate before taking on a new case?
    • 1. The seriousness of the offense
    • 2. The criminal record of the suspect
    • 3. The evidentiary strength of the case
  158. MOB has remarkably swift prosecution period
  159. Which team was created to identifiy predatory sex offenders?
    Habitual Offender Tracking (HOT) Team
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