muscular system

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  1. muscles function to
    move body parts by shortening or contracting
  2. three types of muscle
    • skeletal
    • cardiac
    • smooth
  3. attaching muscle to bone
  4. muscle origin
    stationary bone
  5. muscle insertion
    on the bone that moves
  6. muscle contraction is controlled by
    the nervous system
  7. skeletal muscle are
    cylindrical, striated, and multinucleated
  8. fascicles
    bundles of myofibrils
  9. myofibrils
    linear arrangements of sacomeres
  10. sacromere
    • actin and myosin
    • region between zdiscs
  11. sarcoplasm
    • cytoplasm of muscle cells
    • contains mitochondria and glycogen
  12. myoglobin
    bind oxygen required for muscle contraction
  13. muscles contract
    shortening of scaromeresw of their cell
  14. motor neuron
    stimulate skeletal muscle to contract
  15. neurons secrete
    neurotransmitters ACH which sets up excitatory signal
  16. motor unit
    nerve fiber and all muscle fibers it hits
  17. neuromuscular junction
    junction between a motor neuron and skeletal muscle
  18. actin filaments are anchored to
    z discs
  19. muscles require
    • energy to work
    • atp keeps muscle working
  20. creatine phosphate
    high energy phosphate group to tranfer ADP to make ATP
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