integumentary system

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  1. function of integumentary system
    • skin and accessory organs
    • protects the body from
    • pathogens, chemicals, uv light, dessication, regulates temperature
  2. hypodermis
    found between the skin and underlying bone and muscle
  3. epidermis
    • outer layer
    • lacks blood vessels and stratified squamous cells
    • many layers- lower layers always dividing
    • top layer-dead becuase too far from blood supply produce keratin
  4. melanocytes
    produce pigment melanin which absorbs UV light and gives skin color.
  5. dermis
    • under epidermis
    • dense fibrous connective tissue
    • contin blood vessel, sweat gland, hair follicles, receptors for touch pain pressure and temp
  6. nails
    grow at nail base from epithelial cells produce keratin
  7. hair
    forms from epidermal root in dermis that produces keratin
  8. arrector pilli muscle
    in dermis atached to hair shaft (goose bumps)
  9. sebaceous gland
    oil producing glands that frow from epithelial cells adjacent to hair
  10. sweat glands
    • all over skin
    • regulate body temp- body heat is lost as sweat eveporates
  11. mammary glands
    specialized sweat glands
  12. subcutaneous layer
    loose connective tissue and adipose (fat)
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