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  1. Anthony Bewley
    • Ablitionist and A Methodist Minister
    • Left Texas in 1851
    • Was not popular in Texas
    • Returned to take a position among the Germans thinking he might be safe
    • Before he came to Texas he was already accused and a letter was forged.
    • He left Texas with a posse on his tail, goes up to Missouri.
    • His Family was not harmbed but his son in law escaped.
    • The Sherief did not allow the haning. Moved to Texas where a mob got to his hotel and hanged him.
    • Burried him shallow and the Doctor wanted his skeleton. It was bleached on the roof but bones were stolen.
  2. Oran M. Roberts
    • A Supreme Court Justice
    • Part of an impressive group of leaders in Austin compromising of Attorney General George M. Flournoy, Democratic Party Leader Guy M. Bryan and the Famed Ranger John S. "Rip" Ford who eagerly took up the cry for secession, which was raised at the local level.
    • Elected as president in the convention of seccession
    • Texas should separtely secede from the Union and ecome a soverign state again and rejectinf the annexation ordinance of 1845.
    • "Old Alcalde"
  3. John Bell Hood
    • Hood's Texas Brigade
    • Fought mostly in Virginia
    • Second Bull Run
    • Antietam
    • Gettysburg
    • Chickamauga Knoxville
    • Petersburg
    • Appomattox
    • 1,2,5 Texas Infantry
    • Heavy losses during the Civil War:
    • 560 of 854 at Antietam
    • 400 of 711 at Wilderness
    • 4,480 men to 557
    • 1st Texas last 82 percent at Antietam
    • Texas Legend
    • "As long as there is a man carry that Battle Flag, you shall remain a brigade."
    • Marched into TN with Sul Ross
    • Brigade surrendered at Appomattox
  4. Lawrence Sullivan Ross
    • Fought in East and West
    • Opposed Sherman in Georgia
    • Marched into TN with Hood
    • Fought in over 135 engagements
  5. Zachary Taylor
    • US Forces Nueces River Near Corpus Christi
    • Mexans on South Bank of Rio Grande
    • President Polk Ordered Talylor to move
    • April 12, 1846, at Matamoros, where the fight will take place
    • Gen. Pedro Ampudia
    • 24 Hours to Leave
    • April 24, 1846 Ampudia attacked, waited for twelve days
    • Taylor Engaged Mexican Army Twice afterwards
    • Becomes president in 1848
  6. Texas Troubles
    • Begins in Summer of 1860
    • "Non-Southernes in Texas
    • Different from the rest of the South
    • Had different pockets of people...non southerners
    • Mysterious fires at the summer of 1869 its height was at 1860
    • In Dallas burns dwon everystore in town
    • In Denton at the same day 15kegs of black powder blew up destroying everything
    • At One Fires spread immediately
    • Also in Austin, Waxachie, and Jefferson
    • Rumors of Plots
    • Slave rebellion and Abolitionist plot
  7. Texas Troubles
    • John Brown's Raid
    • October 16, 1859
    • Abolitionist
    • "Bleeding Kansas"
    • US Armory at Harper's Ferry, Virginia
    • Called for Slave Uprising but no slave came to answer
    • Virginia militia led by Robert E Lee put down rebellion
    • Killed 10 and brown and six others were captured, tried and executed
    • Stirred Fears of Slave Insurrection
  8. Texas Troubles Panic
    • Important Point: Presidential Election Season
    • Some Texans remained calm and tried to be rational
    • "Maybe it's those doggoned, new-fanled matches?"
    • Let's See---
    • Role of Texas Newspapers
    • -Put story out there
    • -Many Texas Newspapers were making the flames bigger
    • "Fanning the Flames"
    • -Investagation was put in place
    • Note: GUess what happened in the Fall?
    • -Nothing: no more explosion and Manufacture changed a different formula
  9. Hysteria, Vigilantism, and Violence
    • Due to Texas Panic
    • William H. Crawford
    • -He was threatened to leave town bu was executed and hung
    • Mass Haning of Slaves in Dallas
    • -Texan mentally is unstable
    • -Sending a message
    • -Willing to give up slave as a material hold in order to send out a message
    • 100 Slaves were hanged
    • Anthony Bewley
  10. Texas Rail Road Commision
    • 1891
    • Texas Railroads become focus of economic reform
    • Anti Trust Law in 1889 by Governor Jim Hog
  11. Great Hanging
    • October 1862
    • 40 Uninists killed with on mass hanging.
    • Biggest in American History
    • Part of Texas Panic
  12. Nueces River Massacre
    • Germans draft dodgers for the military were evading the draft
    • Most germans did not believe in slavery
  13. Edmond J. Davis
    • During Congressional Reconstruction
    • Constitution of 1869
    • Debated:
    • -Splitting state
    • -Disfranchisng ex-confidartes
    • Allowed:
    • -Black suffrage
    • -Centralized authority in governor
    • -Strong support for integrated education
    • --Many Texans would see this as an imposed government
  14. Edward J. Davis Administration
    • Adopted 14th and 15th Amendments
    • Texas Readdmitted in April 16, 2870
    • KKK acts of 1871 and 1872
    • Reestablished the militia
    • Created the State Police
    • -40 percent were black
    • -Establish Public Schools
    • -80 percent were blacks
    • -Many Texans would not support that
    • Roads
  15. Opposition to Davis Administration
    • Corruption
    • Racism
    • -Both Views black have resented against Texans
    • Higher taxes
    • Embezzlement
  16. Davis' Down Fall
    • Republicans and Democrats United
    • 1872 Election
    • Legislature repelled most of Davis' program
  17. James W. Throckmorton
    • Had a reservation established under his name where the Camanches placed
    • Led the Conservatives in the constitutional convention of 1866
    • Governor of the 11th Legislature
    • Refused to Rativy the 14th Admendment
    • Emplaced Black codes
    • Very Lenient to former ex confedierate
    • Sheridan had him replaced
  18. Philip H. Sheridan
    • In command of the Texas during the Reconstruction
    • -Texans Rejected Military Occupation
    • -Texans resisted Union Authority
    • --He Removed several adminstrator out of power
    • Cause major ruckus and will be transfered due to this
    • "Impediments to Reconstruction"
  19. Texas Longhorn
    • Well suited for the Texas environment
    • Resistant to the tick and Texas Fever
    • Poor Quality of meat by 1887 people want better quality
    • Reduced demands and profits
    • Part of Texas Romantic History
  20. Red River Campaign
    • 1864 North comes to Red River and Invade because Texas had supplies of food and especially cotton which in trade can make money.
    • Texas will serve admirably and fight off Northerner making them realize to back off and the campaign failed.
  21. Charles Goodnight
    • Inventor of the Chuckwagon
    • Drove his first Trail called Goodnight Trails
    • Rounded up Free Roaming Cattles
    • Goodnight Ranch with 1.3 Million Acres
  22. XIT
    • 3.1 Million Acres of Ranc
    • Number One with 3.1 Million Acres
    • Capital building was built by sing funds on sale by the XIT Ranch
  23. King Ranch
    1.1 Million Acres
  24. Quaker Peace Policy
    The Quaker Peace Policy, initiated by President U.S. Grant in 1869, placed the Indian reservations under civilian control and prohibited military movements on the reservations. Some tribes took advantage of this policy by raiding into Texas and returning to the sanctuary of the reservation, knowing troops from Fort Richardson could not cross the Red River in pursuit.
  25. Texas Fever
    • Killed many Cattle
    • Longhorns were carriers
    • Many states have placed Quarantine Laws in 1861-1885
    • Attempted to use cattle dipping to counter Texas Fever
    • Will Take many years to accomplish
  26. Joseph Glidden
    • A farmer who invented Barb Wire in 1874
    • Farmer's Placed Fences to keep cattle out
    • Began Fence Cutting so Cattle can go into water source
    • Texas had to shift and find new ways around this problem
    • Usage of windmills and Wells
  27. John Ireland
    • 1883-1887
    • Ex-confedarate
    • Introduced Fence Cutting Bill
    • Cheap land to Railroads?
    • -Notorious Against land grants for the Railroad
    • "Oxcart John"
    • Support for Schools
    • Prison Reform
    • Texas Pink Granite on Capitol
    • Credited for University of Texas
    • End Land give away in 1882
  28. Juneteenth
    • June 19,1865
    • Major General Gordon Granger Arrives at Galveston to declare slaves were free
    • Started out at Galveston
    • Small at first
    • Begins Reconstruction in Texas
  29. Constitution of 1865
    • Governor's Term was set
    • Lt. Governor is an Elected Position
    • Have Governor's Appointments
    • Have Legislative Appointments
    • Not a very democratic government Not many elected officials
  30. Unique Features of the Constitution of 1845
    • Debt limited to 100,000
    • Banks are prohibited
    • Chartering of Corporations
    • -Difficult and must have a 2/3 Majority
    • Business v. AAgrarian Interests
    • -Saw Texas as an Agrarian state and not big business
    • Married Women had Property Rights, copied from Mexican Law
    • No Homestead Foreclosure
    • -No homes will be foreclosed due to enocouragement of settlement in Texas
  31. Constitution of 1869
    • Dominated by Republicans (78-94)
    • Edmund J. Davis
    • -Debated: Splitting the State and disfranchising ex-confedrates
    • _Allowed: Black Suffrage, Centralized authority in governor, Strong support for integrated Education
    • -Having an impossed Government--which Texans hate
  32. Constitution of 1876
    • Redeemer Constitution
    • Conservative Delegates
    • (75-90) Democrats
    • Conservative Documents
    • Debt Ceilling 200,000
    • Legilature met only every two years
    • Officals seved only two years
    • Very Specific, inflexible
    • Document still in force
  33. Develpment Under Constitution of 1876
    • Cut Taxes, Salaries
    • Forbade usage of State or local money
    • Land Grants
    • Segragated Schools
    • Railroads
    • Confederate Pensions
    • Captiol Building
  34. Buffalo Hunt
    John R. Baylor led troops to eradicate Buffallo to deplete Indian food supply
  35. KATY
    • Was the first railroad to enter Texas
    • First established in Dallas in 1872
    • Recieved special grants 10,240 acres per mile
    • Raiload Construction Boomed
  36. James S. Hogg
    • Anti Trust Law of 1889
    • Texas Railroad Commission in 1891
    • Texas Railroads becomes focus of reform
  37. Texas and Pacific
    • Texas and Pacific: a railroad company that was only chartered by the United States government in 1871.
    • Given 5.2 million Acres
  38. Grange
    an organization of Farmers dedicated to "retrenchement" in government and therefore very supportive of the conservatives and therefore a strong supporter of the constitution of 1876.
  39. Farmers'Farmer'ss Alliance
    • Took Place of the Grange in 1877
    • Originated in Lampass Texas
  40. Charles Macune
    Leader of the Farmer Alliance
  41. Knights of Labor
    • Established in Texas in 1882.
    • Welcomed all Blacks, whites, skilled and unskilled workers.
    • Done well until John Guald "Financial Pirate" of the railroad and when strike took hold he sent in strike breakers...practically ruined the union.
  42. John S. "Rip" Ford
    • Commanded the last battle of the Civil War, months after it was over, the Battle of Palmito
    • Rest in Peace
  43. Richard Dowling
    Victorious commander at the second battle of the Sabine pass
  44. AJ Hamilton
    • In Galviston when Granger Arrived
    • Could not Occupy Texas due to its Massive size
    • Provincial Governor
    • Main concern was repudiation of secession and debt
    • Endorsement of the 13th Amendment
    • Landed with federal troops at Galveston, June 1865
    • Main Mission Was: Repudiation of Secession, Debt and 13th Amendment
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