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  1. Nursing intervention for someone getting chemotherapy with the dx of altered nutrition: les than body requirements r/t nausea and vomiting?
    give antiemetic
  2. Even though the doctor has explained everything there is to know about a pt that is newly diagnosed with cancer, they keep asking you about the tx, therapy, expected effects, adverse effects of therapy. Why do they keep asking about this?
    pt is under emotional stress due to psychosocial impact of dx
  3. What are alkylating agents?
    antineoplastic agents are non cycle specific
  4. preferred tx for testicular cancer
    bleomycin, cisplatin, etoposide
  5. Bleomycin is an antineoplastic drug but also classified as an
  6. How do biological response modifiers work?
    targeting and enhancing the immune system
  7. If your pt is receiving cisplatin, the nurse will also plan to administer
  8. How is methotrexate administered?
    Do not d/c the infusion if nausea and vomiting develops
  9. Mesna is used for
    to rescue the bladder
  10. Adriamycin belongs to what class of anticancer drugs?
  11. 5-FU belongs to what class of anticancer drugs
  12. what class of anticancer drugs does Cytoxan belong
    alkylating agent
  13. Why are several medications administered at a time when using protocol for cancer
    there is a more profound effect on cancer than if drugs were used alone
  14. TheraCys is a miscellaneous antineoplastic agent that may be given
  15. Adverse effects r/t use of anticancer drugs are most commonly seen in
    bone marrow
  16. Common problem associated with Cytoxan
    hemorrhagic cystitis
  17. Gastrointestional ulceration, bleeding, and dysfunction are observations made by the nurse because
    anticancer drugs affect all rapidly growing cells
  18. Encourage intake of what foods if pt develops anorexia
    increase protein and vitamin c
  19. What interventions are made to prevent stomatitis and ulceration
    do not use commerical mouthwash
  20. if extravasation of IV alkylating agents occurs the nurse will
    stop the infusion and apply cold compresses to area
  21. If an experimental drug is given to a child intrathecally, what would be the appropriate nursing action
    all of the above
  22. Intervention for high uric acid level due to anticancer drugs
    force fluids
  23. What is Oncovin?
    miotic inhibitor
  24. Mycelex
    tx for fungal infections
  25. Vascular access devices generally used for the administration of anticancer drugs are:
    1 inch right angle Huber needle
  26. Uses for Hickman or Broviac catheters
    not used for withdrawing blood for coagulation studies
  27. Instructions for people with an implantable pump
    they can run or race walk
  28. Nurses need to care for themselves during administration of cytotoxic drugs. What are some of the ways
    all of the above
  29. Procrit
    stimulates the bone marrow to produce RBC
  30. Neulasta
    is admin as 1 injection during chemocycle
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