MedChem Steroids

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  1. Gonadotropins
    Peptides that in vivo and in therapy are closely related to estrogens, progesterone and testosterone
  2. hCG
    • Human chorionic gonadotropin
    • During pregnancy it maintains the corpus luteum and estrogen and progesterone production by preventing ovulation and mensturation
    • The steroid used in pregnancy test
  3. Equine estrogen
    comes from horse pee
  4. WHat are the estrogen products?
    • Estrone: Kestrone injection
    • Estradiol: Estrace
    • Estradiol transdermal: Vivelle
    • EvaMist transdermal estradiol spray
    • Delestrogen: Estradiol in oil
    • DepoGen: Estradiol in oil
    • Estinyl: estradiol with ethinyl group
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MedChem Steroids
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