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  1. The colonisation of barren ground by plants and animals and the changes which follow is called an...?
    ecological succession
  2. What are the two kinds of succession?
    • Primary succession
    • Secondary succession
  3. What are the sequence of events in primary succession?
    Land that has not previously been inhabited (no soil) → lichen (pioneer species) → mosses → small flowering annual plants → grasses → shrubs → soft wood trees (pines and community → hardwood trees (oak) and community
  4. The time taken from the colonisation of the intial pioneer species to climax community can be...?
    Many centuries
  5. When does secondary succession occur?
    When the soil already exists but plants have been destroyed eg after a fire
  6. What do the pioneer species in secondary succession tend to be?
    Annual plants
  7. Does secondary succession take longer or shorter than primary succession?
    Shorter - around one hundred years
  8. Succession occurs because...?
    the habitat is altered by the plants growing there
  9. What is a climax community?
    The stable community in the ecosystem where the dominant species of plants are well adapted to environmental conditions and in which no further succession takes place
  10. Climax communities tend to have...?
    • Complex food webs
    • High species diversity
    • High biomass
  11. During succession the same sequence of events always takes place and the changes which take place cannot be reversed. This means succession is...?
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