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  1. Anabaena
    Kingdom Cyanobacteria
  2. Oscillatoria
    Kingdom Cyanobacteria
  3. Giardia lamblia
    Kingdom Diplomonadida, Supergroup Excavata
  4. Trichomonas vaginalis
    Kingdom Parabasala, Supergroup Excavata
  5. Euglena
    Kingdom Euglenozoa, phylum Euglenophyta, supergroup Excavata
  6. Trypanosoma
    Kindom Euglenozoa, phylum kinetoplastida, supergroup excavata
  7. Termite Flagellates
    Kingdom Euglenozoa, phylum Kinetoplastida, supergroup Excavata
  8. Dinoflagellates
    Kingdom Alveolata, phylum Dinoflagellata, supergroup Chromalveolata
  9. Plasmodium
    Kingdom Alveolata, phylum Apicomplexa, supergroup chromalveolata
  10. Paramecium
    Kingdom Alveolata, phylum Ciliophora, supergroup Chromalveolata
  11. Stentor
    Kingdom Alveolata, phylum Ciliophora, supergroup Chromalveolata
  12. Diatoms
    Kingdom Stramenopila, phylum bacillariophyta, supergroup Chromalveolata
  13. Saprolegnia
    Kingdom Stramenopila, phylum Oocota, supergroup chromalveolata
  14. Foraminafera
    Kingdom Cercozoa, phylum Foraminafera, supergroup rhizaria
  15. Radiolaria
    Kingdom cercozoa, phylum actinopoda, supergroup rhizaria
  16. Chlamydamonas
    Kingdom Chlorophyta, supergroup Archaeplastida
  17. Volvox
    Kingdom Chlorophyta, supergroup Archaeplastida
  18. Ulothrix
    Kingdom cholorphyta, supergroup Archaeplastida
  19. Spirogyra
    Kingdom Chlorophyta, supergroup Archaeplastida
  20. Gonium
    Kingdom Chlorophyta, Supergroup Archaeplastida
  21. Pleodorina
    Kingdom cholophyta, Supergroup Archaeplastida
  22. Amoeba Proteus
    Kingdom Amoebozoa, Phylum Gymnamoeba
  23. Plasmodial Slime Mold
    Kingdom Amoebozoa, phylum Myxogastrida
  24. Cellular Slime Mold
    Kingdom Amoebozoa, Phylum Dictyostelida
  25. Which phyla use laminarin as their carbohydrate storage?
    Bacillariophyta, Chrysophyta, Phaeophyta
  26. Which phyla use starch as their carbohydrate storage?
    Dinoflagellata, Chlorphyta
  27. Which kingdom uses Floridean starch as its carb storage?
  28. Which Kindom utilizes chlorophyll D for photosynthesis?

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