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  1. How many adults are married?
    54% of american adults are married.
  2. What is the average age for females with their first marriage?
    Almost 22 years
  3. What is the average age for males with their first marriage?
    Almost 26 years
  4. standard marriage form in the U.S. and most other nations, in which there is one husband and one wife.
  5. Marriage in which there is one husband but two or more wives.
  6. Marriage in which there is one wife but two or more husbands
  7. Marriage that includes two or more of both husbands and wives, who all exercise commo privileges and responsibilities.
    Group Marriage
  8. Levinson's term. Life refers to all aspects of living-- everything that as significance in a life; course refers to the flow or unfolding of an individuals life.
    Life Course
  9. Levinson's term; a general pattern of adult development, whereas the life course is the unique embodiment of the life cycle by an individual.
    Life Cycle
  10. Levinson's concept that each new era begins as an old era is approaching its end; that "in between time".
  11. The underlying pattern or design of a person's life at a given time.
    Life Structure
  12. Individuals face the task of building a stable structure around choices they have made.
  13. Procuss of reappraising the existing life structure and exploring the possibilities for new life structures characterizes the ______-_______ period.
    Structure Changing
  14. The Man in the novice phase should form:
    • 1. The Dream
    • 2. Mentor Relationships
    • 3. An Occupational Decision
    • 4. Love Relationships
  15. The novice phase: Most men condstruct a vision, an imagined possibility that generates vitality
    The Dream
  16. The Novice Phase: Each man should find someone who is older, more experienced, and willing to make suggestions at each of the choice points in his early adult life.
    Mentor Relationships
  17. The Novice Phase:A man should begin to build on his strengths and to choose a vocation that values those strengths.
    An Occupational Decision
  18. The Novice Phase: Each man should make dicisions on a marriage partner, number of children desired and the type of relationship that he wants to have with his wife and children.
    Love relationships
  19. Erikson's stage that represents the ability to relate one's deepest hopes and fears to another person and to accept another's need for _____ in return.
  20. Erikson's term form the personality style of persons who are able to commit themselves in concrete affiliations and partnerships.
  21. The rediness of all of us to distance ourselves from others when we feel threatened by their behavior
  22. Individuals differ in how confident they feel abouth their sexual identity.
    Gender-role Orientation
  23. Some individuals feel unhappy about their gender role, and wish either society or their sex could be changed.
    Gender-role Preference
  24. Adaptation is defined by whether other people judge individal behavior as masculine or feminine. If a person is seen as acting "Appropriately" according to his or her gender, then adaptation has occurred.
    Gender-role Adaptation
  25. Functional level of gender-role identifications that incorporates male and female qualities.
  26. a date involving a group of people. Benifits participants in knowing history of one another and saves time for relationship encounters.
    Pack dating
  27. Intimacy, but no passion or commitment
  28. Passion, but no intimacy or commitment
  29. Commitment, but no passion or intimacy
    Empty love
  30. Intimacy and passion, but no commitment
    Romantic love
  31. Commitment and passion, but no intimacy
    Fatuous Love
  32. Commitment and intimacy, but no passion
    Companionate Love
  33. Commitment, intimacy, and passion.
    Consummate Love
  34. A Strong desire for another person, and the expectation that sex with them will prove physiologically rewarding
  35. The ability to share one's deepest and most secret feelongs and throughts with another.
  36. The strongly held conviction that one will stay wiith another regardless of the cost.
    Consummate Love
  37. General Adaptation Syndrome Stage: Selye's term for a "call to arms" of the body's defensive forces.
    Alarm Reaction
  38. General adaptation syndrome stage: Selye's term for the body's reaction that is generally a reversal of the alarm reaction.
    Stage Of Resistance
  39. General Adaptation Syndrome Stage: Selye's term for the body's physiological responses that revert to their condition during the stage of alarm.
    Stage of Exhaustion
  40. Risk Factors of Stress:
    • 1. poverty
    • 2. chronic illness
    • 3. parntal mental illness
    • 4. drug abuse
  41. Ability to recover from highly stressful situations
  42. Stressors that individuals experience
    risk factors
  43. Characteristics of resilient individuals that protect them from stress.
    Protective factors
  44. Stress COPE plan:
    • 1. Calm your nervous system
    • 2. Originate a plan
    • 3. Persist with your plan\\\\
    • 4. Evaluate your progress
  45. The first goal of COPE, to address the "Fight or flight" responses.
    Calm your nervous system
  46. Stage 2 of COPE Instructions on how to create your own special plan
    Originate a plan
  47. Step 3 of COPE to encourage persistence in the face of adversity
    Persistence with your plan
  48. Step 4 of COPE knowing whether or not it is working is also crucial to your success
    Evaluate your progress
  49. Levinson's term for the phase that usually lasts for five years and generally extends from age 40 to 45
    Mid-Life Transition
  50. Sometimes partners learn to "withstand" each other, rather than live with each other. The only activities and interests that they shared were ones that revolved around the children.
    Emotional Divorce
  51. Refers to the feelings parents may have as a result of their last child leaving home
    Empty-Nest Syndrome
  52. What is the most important skill in a relationship?
    Conflict Resolution
  53. How many middle aged individuals have never been married?
    1 Out Of 20
  54. The Bond between middle aged adult siblings is very strong.
  55. What is the most frequently cited problem of middle aged women?
    Caring for their aging parents and parents-in-law
  56. The Care of elderly parents is normally the responsibility of ________.
    The oldest daughter
  57. The law that lets people get divorced without proving some atrocious act by one of the spouses. In legal language, this is known as an irretrieveable breakdown of a marriage.
    No-fault Divorce
  58. Female changes in middle age sex
    • 1. reduce in estrogen
    • 2. less vaginal lubrication
    • 3. vaginal irritation at penetration.
    • 4. More time and stimulation is needed
  59. Male changes in middle age sex
    • 1.Reduce in testosterone
    • 2. More time and stimulation needed
    • 3. longer time between erections
  60. Usually lasts 5 years generally extends from age 40-45. It involves three major developmental tasks:
    The Mid-Life Transition
  61. Step 1 of The Mid-Life Transition:
    The review, reappraisal, and termination of the early adult period.
  62. Step 2 of The Mid-Life Transition:
    Decisions on how the period of middle adulthood should be conducted.
  63. Step 3 The Mid-Life Transition:
    Dealing with the polarities that are the source of deep division in the man's life at this stage. These polarities, which represent the continual struggle toward greater individuation, are 1. young/old 2. destruction/creation 3. masculinity/femininity 4. attachment/separation
  64. Levinson's term; all societies support the idea that there should be a clear difference between what is considered appropriate for males and for females; _______ appears to be universal.
    Gender splitting
  65. Erikson's 7th Stage Is?
    Generativity versus Stagnation
  66. The major polarity to be dealt with during the mid-life transition.
  67. In recognizing his power to be destructive, he begins to realize how truly owerful he can be in creating new and useful forms of life.
  68. To be free to get in touch with the opposite gender side in all of us.
    Masculinity/ femininity
  69. Each of us needs to be attached to our fellow members of society but also to be separate from them.
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