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  1. A Pair of Lovers, Kitagawa Utamaro
  2. Venus of Willendorf, Paleolithic/Gravettian
  3. Akua'ba Doll, Ashanti
  4. Wedding Portrait, Jan van Eyck
  5. Venus of Urbino, Titian
  6. Olympia, Edouard Manet
  7. Self-Portrait, Alice Neel
  8. Untitled (Your Body Is A Battleground), Barbara Kruger
  9. Ta'unga
    Specially-trained Polynesian priests who carved Polynesian Fertility sculptures.
  10. Trompe l'oeil
    "fools the eye"
  11. Chicha
    Home-made fermented drink
  12. Ukiro-e
    Aka “floating world.” Refers to the transience of life.
  13. Shunga
    spring pictures
  14. Hanazuma
    Courtesan who's name meant "flower and lightning bolt"
  15. Is there a difference between erotic art and pornography?
    Yes. Erotic art is emotional, sensual, soft, charismatic. Porn is meant simply for sexual pleasure without knowing anything personal.
  16. Innermost Coffin of Tutankhamun, Egypt
  17. Sarcophagus with Reclining Couple, Etruscan
  18. Soldiers from Pit 1, Chinese
  19. Death of Marat, Jacques Louis David
  20. Ophelia, John Everett Millais
  21. AIDS Memorial Quilt, The Names Project
  22. US Marine Corps War Memorial, Felix W. Weldon
  23. Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Maya Lin
  24. Sarcophagus
  25. Shabti
    Small figures kept in tombs to do the Pharaoh’s work in the afterlife.
  26. Egyptian Symbols
    Cobra, Ankh, Scarab Beetle
  27. Cobra
    For protection in the underworld
  28. Ankh
    Symbol of life
  29. Scarab Beetle
    Symbol of rebirth
  30. Necropolis
    A city of the dead
  31. Reliquaries
    Small precious shrines that hold remains or clothing of deceased holy person.
  32. The Pre-Raphaelites
    Artists who rejected Renaissance style art. They chose to portray fictional, historical, and “fanciful” subjects with a naturalistic style and meticulous attention to detail.
  33. What is the difference between an image of death and a memorial to the dead?
    • Memorial to the dead = celebration of their life and what they died for.
    • Image of death = glorification of death without looking at their life.
  34. The Executions of May 3rd, 1808, Francisco Goya
  35. Echo of a Scream, David Alfaro Siqueros
  36. Elegy to the Spanish Republic XXXIV, Robert Motherwell
  37. They Waz Nice White Folks While They Lasted, Kara Walker
  38. Portrait of George Moscone, Robert Arneson
  39. Drawing from Mine, William Kentridge
  40. Degenerate Art
    A label used by the Nazi regime for Modern art and “Primitive” art. The Nazis believed this type of art had a corrupting influence on society.
  41. Automatism
    A process for art making, influenced by Surrealism, that incorporates intuition, spontaneity, unconscious behavior, and the accidental.
  42. Mexican Muralists
    A group of early 20th c Mexican painters. Their work was often political, and celebrated indigenous Mexican culture.
  43. Apartheid
    A system of segregation based on race enforced in South Africa between 1948-1991.
  44. Batik
    A method for producing colored designs on textiles using wax to resist dye.
  45. The Unicorn in Captivity, South Netherlandish
  46. Monkey Magic - Sex, Money, and Drugs, Chris Ofili
  47. Ashurnasirpal II Killing Lions, Assyrian
  48. Rabbit, Jeff Koons
  49. Falling Bough, Walton Ford
  50. Beyond the Solitary Bamboo Grove, Sheng Maoye
  51. Ryoanji Zen Garden of Contemplation, Japanese
  52. A Sunday on La Grande Jatte, Georges Seurat
  53. Nude Descending a Staircase (No. 2), Marcel Duchamp
  54. Kitsch
    Objects or images that display an emotional appeal that is generalized, superficial, and sentimental.
  55. En plein air
    An approach to painting where the artist works outdoors to make sketches of a subject.
  56. Zen Buddhism
    A philosophy/religion that emphasizes simplicity and meditation.
  57. Earthwork
    A large-scale environmental art work that uses the earth as a medium or material.
  58. Pointillism
    A style of art that uses dots of color to create a recognizable image.
  59. Bezold Effect
    Named for the 19th century German physicist Wilhelm von Bezold. That by changing a single color in his designs, all of the colors seemed to shift.
  60. Minimalism
    A 1960’s movement in American sculpture (primarily) using industrial materials and simplified, geometric forms.
  61. Specific Objects
    Minimalist artwork that was neither painting nor sculpture.

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