Genetics Final exam

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  1. In prokaryotics DNA replication, the function of the A:T rich Ori gene is to
    Serve as the binding site for the molecule that will denature DNA.
  2. In Prokaryotics DNA replication, the function of helicase is to
    "Unzip" double stranded DNA
  3. In Prokaryotics DNA replicaton, the function of single strand binding proteins is to
    prevent original base pairs from re-forming
  4. In prokaryotic DNA replication, the function of gyrase is to
    Relieve the torque at the replication forks
  5. Scientist studying transformation in bacteria found that when an extract from dead smooth bacteria was added to harmless live rough beacteria, the live rough bacteria became live smooth. When this extract was treated with RNA nuclease and then added to live rough bacteria, which result did they get?
    Live rough became live smooth bacteria
  6. The scientist that perform the transfomation experiment was
    Fredrick Griffith
  7. These scientist demontrated that it was DNA and not protein that was injected into bacteria host by viruses; thus it was DNA and not protein that acted as the genetic material?
    Hershey and Chase
  8. Name the scientist that first recognized that alkaptonuria awas caused by an "inborn error of metabolism", and thus had a genetic cause.
    Garrod and Bateman
  9. If a sample of DNA contained 20% thymine, the what % adenine would it contain?
  10. If a sample of DNA contained thymine, then what % guanine would it contain?
  11. During prokaytoic polypedptide synthesis, which of the following binds to the promoter region of the DNA?
  12. During prokaryotic DNA replication, the first segment that is synthesized on the two new strand is the
    RNA Primer
  13. Name the enzyme that next continously adds DNA nucleotides on the first segment?
    DNA polymerase III
  14. Name the enzyme that removes RNA nucleotides, replaces them with the appropiate DNA nucleotides.
    DNA polymerase I
  15. Are Okazaki fragments found only on the leading strand, only on thelagging strand, on both, on neither.
    Only of the lagging strand
  16. Is DNA ligase used only on the leading strand, only on the lagging strand, on both, or neither?
    only on the lagging strand
  17. Certain RNW viruses code for an enzyme that synthesis DNA by reading the RNA template. This enzyme is therefore a/an 1
    RNA dependent DNA polymerase
  18. However, if an enzyme synthesizes RNA from a DNA template, the enzyme is a/an
    DNA dependant and RNA polymerase
  19. what is the name of the arms or loops that functions as a binding site for an amino acid
    amino-acyl arm
  20. Name the catalyst responsible for covalently bonding an amino acid to tis specific tRNA?
    amino acyl synthetase
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