ch. 10 part 2

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  1. A consequence a person receives for his or her performance.
  2. The perceived likelihood that performance will be followed by a particular outcome.
  3. The value an outcome holds for the person contemplating it.
  4. A conception of human needs organizing needs into a hierarchy of five major types.
    Maslow's Need Hierarchy
  5. A human needs theory developed by Alderfer postulating that people have three basic sets of needs that can operate simultaneously.
    Alderfer's Erg Theory
  6. Rewards given to a person by the boss, the company, or some other person.
    extrinsic rewards
  7. Reward a worker derives directly from performing the job itself.
    intrinsic reward
  8. Changing from one routine task to another to alleviate boredom.
    job rotation
  9. Giving people additional tasks at the same time to alleviate boredom.
    job enlargement
  10. Changing a task to make it inherently more rewarding, motivating, and satisfying.
    job enrichment
  11. Herzberg's theory describing two factors affecting people's work motivation and satisfaction.
    two - factor theory
  12. Characteristics of the workplace, such as company policies, working conditions, pay, and supervision, that can make people dissatisfied.
    hygiene factors
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