ch. 11 part 2

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  1. Groups that control decisions about and execution of a complete range of tasks.
    autonomous work groups
  2. Teams with the responsibilities of autonomous work groups, plus control over hiring, firing, and deciding what tasks members perform.
    self-designing teams
  3. Autonomous work groups in which workers are trained to do all or most of the jobs in a unit, have no immediate supervisor, and make decisions previously made by first-line supervisors.
    self-managed teams
  4. Working less hard and being less productive when in a group.
    social loafing
  5. Working harder when in a group than when working alone.
    social facilitation effect
  6. Shared beliefs about how people should think and behave.
  7. Different sets of expectations for how different individuals should behave.
  8. An individual who has more advanced job-related skills and abilities than other group members possess.
    task specialist
  9. Individual who develps and maintains team harmony.
    team maintenance specialist
  10. The degree to which a group is attractive to its members, members are motivated to remain in the group, and mebers influence one another.
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