ch. 12 part 2

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  1. The degree to which a communication channel conveys information.
    media richness
  2. Process by which a person states what he or she believes the other person is saying.
  3. Information that flows from higher to lower levels in the organization's hierarchy.
    downward communication
  4. Dialogue with a goal of helping another be more effective and achieve his or her full potential on the job.
  5. Practice of sharing with employees at all levels of the organization vital information previeously meant for management's eyes only.
    open - book management
  6. Information that flows from lower to higher levels in the organization's hierarchy.
    upward communication
  7. Information shared among people on the same hierarchical level.
    horizontal communication
  8. Informal communication network.
  9. Organization in which there are no barriers to information flow.
    boundaryless organization
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