chapter 53

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  1. 2 major classes of mydriatic drugs:
    sympathomimetic and anticholinergic mydriatics
  2. the following purposes for the use of mydriatic drugs
    facilitate through exam of the eye, prepare pt for ocular surgery and prevent formation of adhesions between the iris and the lens
  3. 1 of the newest opthalmic corticosteriods useful in tx of eye discomfort r/t seasonal allergies
  4. ___ ointment is given for tx of eye infection the pt needs to know to continue the med as ordered even when sypmtoms go away
  5. The tx of choice for dry eyes is
  6. Beta-adrenergic blocking eyedrops work by decreasing
    intraocular pressure with little effect on visual acuity
  7. ___ during ocular surgery is admin to miotic response , admin to decrease edema and inflammation and 1 drop is admin Q20 min 2Hrs before surgery
  8. How doe you instill ointment of the eye?
    the lower lid is pullled to form a pouch the ointmetn is applied from the inner to outer parts of teh eye. The pt is instructed to avoid tasks requireing vision until vision clears
  9. The nurse may wish to place an ____ on the affected eye after instillation of the eye ointment to control drainage from the eye
    Eye patch
  10. Cortisporin opthalmic ointment is an:
    anti-inflammatory agent
  11. Flour-1-Strip
    is used to assist in detecting defects of the eye and is a antimetabolite
  12. ____will excert a cycloplegic effect on the eye
  13. ___ can be best described as an antifungal agent
  14. Eye drops should be applied in the
    Conjunctiveal SAc
  15. Nonsteriodal ani inflammatory agents used in the eye are most likely to cause hypersensitivity reactions in pts with
    hypersensitive to aprin
  16. Those fully not conscious , those w/o blink reflex,those with drainage from eyes need a ___following the admin of meds to the eye
    eye patch
  17. most likely to cause a psycotic reaction bx distrubance in children can be caused by
  18. appropriate care for clients recieving opthalmic meds would be to instruct about
    safety regarding use of machinery& automobiles, encourage to continue Tx & preps that have become contaminated throw them away
  19. is used in the eye as mast cell stabilizers
  20. Is used in the eyes as local anesthetic
    Benoxinate HCL
  21. Is used in the eye as a antiinfective agent
    Sulfisoxazole diethanolamine
  22. is used in the eye sypmathomimetic mydriatic
    Albalon Liquifilm
  23. Os
    Left Eye
  24. Agents that dilate pupils are called
    mydriatic drugs
  25. example of aniseptic used in eye is
    silver nitrate
  26. ex of nsaid in eye
  27. Is a precursor to development of otitis media in adults
    Dental Caries
  28. is used commonly in Tx of otitis media is an otopical antibiotic
  29. Pain and swelling associated with otitis media may be reduced by...arggg
  30. how to administer ear drops to a child
    Pull the pinna of the ear down and back
  31. All meds should be ____(what)
    prior to admin to otic meds being admin
    Warmed to body temperature stress this to parents.
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