Derm infections Pictures Pt 1

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  1. Impetigo:
    How deep is it?
    What causes bullous impetigo?
    • shallow
    • Staph
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    Bullous impetigo
  4. How is ecthyma different from impetigo?
    • Ecthyma involves the whole thickness of the epidermis.
    • Caused by Strep/Stap combo infection
    • Ecthyma gangrenosum is caused by pseudomonas in immune comprised pt
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    Ecthyma gangrenosum
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    Superficial folliculitis
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  10. What causes cellulitis?
    Strep infection
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    Erysipelas (cellulitis on the face)
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    Orbital cellulitis
  13. What is the different between orbital cellulitis and periorbital cellulitis?
    • Orbital cellulitis has invaded the septum and results in lack of normal extraocular mvmt.
    • Orbital cellulitis requires surgical drainage and abx while periorbital cellulitis does not require drainage.
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    • Cellulitis with Vibrio Vulnificus (marine organism).
    • Most often seen in alcoholics and pts with liver dz.
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    Necrotizing fasciitis
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    Sorry for this one!

    • Fournier’s gangrene: a variant of necrotizing faciitis that starts in the perineum and scotum.
    • Can be caused by G(-) bacteria
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    TB innoculation lesion
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    Leonine facies of leprosy
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    Leprosy or Hansen's dz
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    Mycobacterium Marinum “Fishtank Granuloma”
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    Erythema Chronica Migrans of Lyme dz (classic bulls-eye)
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    Primary Syphilitic chancre
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    Secondary syphilis lesions
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    Petechial Rash of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
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    • Cutaneous Anthrax
    • Painless necrotic ulcers, often with lymphadenopathy
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    Tinea corporis (ring worm)
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    Onychyomycosis Dermatophyte Nail infection
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    Candida Albicans Intertrigo
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    Candida Albicans KOH Smear
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    Candida Albicans - Diaper rash
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    Candidal balanitis
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    Tinea versicolor
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    Ink preparation of Pityosporum obiculare (causative agent of tinea versicolor)
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