Astronomy Chapter 11

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  1. neutron star
    a small, highly dense star composed almost entirely of tightly packed neutrons
  2. pulsar
    a source of short, precisely timed radio bursts, beleived to be spinning neutron star
  3. lighthouse model
    an intellectual conception of how a neutronstar works, based on the way a beam of light is viewed as it sweeps around in a circle
  4. pulsar wind
    the breeze of high-energy particles flowing away from spinning neutron star
  5. gravitational radiation
    disturbances in a gravitational field traveling at the velocity of light and carrying energy away from an object with a rapidly chaning mass distribution
  6. millisecond pulsar
    a pulsar that has a pulse period of only a few thousandth of a second
  7. singularity
    the object of zero radius into which the matter in a black hole is believed to fall
  8. black hole
    a mass that has collapsed to such a small volume that its gravity prevents the escape of all radiation
  9. event horizon
    the boundary of the region of a black hole from which no radiation may escape
  10. Schwarzchild radius (Rs)
    the distance from the singularity of a black hole to the even horizon
  11. time dilation
    the relationship that states clocks tick slower as they move faster of if they are in strong gravitational fields; derived from the Speical and General Theories of Relativity
  12. gravitational redshift
    the lengthening of the wavelength of a photon because of its excape from a gravitational field
  13. gamma-ray burst
    a sudden, powerful burst of gamma rays
  14. magnetar
    a class of neutron star having very strong magnetic fields
  15. hypernova
    produced when a very massive star collapses into a black hole; another name for a collapsar
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