Biology3 Lab8

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  1. cellular respiration
    a series of reactions (metabolic pathway) that transfer energy from gluclose to ATP
  2. the names of two biochemical pathways:
    • respiration
    • fermentation
  3. glycolysis: beginning of cell respiration [process]
    Glucose is a stable molecule that contains energy. For its energy to be released it needs to be made unstable. This is done by the energy of two molecules of ATP.
  4. where in the cell does glycolosis occur?
    the cytoplasm
  5. within which cellular organelle does respiration take place?
    the mitochondrion
  6. the reaction for glycolysis:
    glucose => three carbon intermediate => pyruvate
  7. the Krebs cycle (citric acid) [process]:
    • pyruvate
    • CO2 //// NAD+ ==> NADH
    • acetyl CoA
    • Krebs cycle
    • CO2 /// ADP+P ==> ATP /// FAD ==> FADH2 /// NAD+ ==> NADH
  8. where in the mitochondion does the Krebs cycle take place?
    the matrix
  9. where in the mitochondrion does electron transport occur?
    the cristae
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