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  1. 4 types of animal phylogeny
    sponges, placozoans, ctenophores, cnidarians
  2. what is the common name for ctenophores?
    comb jellies
  3. what 3 characteristics do ctenophores and cnidarians have in common?
    radial symmetry, diploblastic, reproduce sexually
  4. what 2 characteristics are unique to ctenophores/
    bioluminescent, 8 rows of comb-like plates compsed of fused cilia.
  5. what is the largest animal to use cilia?
    ctenophores (comb jellies)
  6. what are the 8 rows of comb-like plates in ctenophores called?
  7. what are the 2 basic body plans of cnidarians?
    polyp (sessile) and medusa (motile)
  8. what is an example of a cnidarian?
  9. what type of larva do cnidarians have?
    planula larva
  10. are cnidarians carnivorous?
  11. do cnidarians have a nerve net?
  12. what is the digestive cavity with one opening?
    gastrovascular cavity
  13. what are the unique stinging cells that are confined to the tentacles in cnidarians?
  14. what are the 3 classes of cnidarians?
    hydrozoa, scyphozoa, anthozoa
  15. what are some characteristics of hydrozoa (hydrozoans)?
    • -marine or freshwater
    • -some exist as polyps only
    • -others medusa only
    • -most are colonial
  16. what are some examples of medusa only hydrozoans?
    red eye bell jelly, blood-red jelly, hydra polyp
  17. how are multiple polyps connected?
    they are interconnected and share a gastrovascular cavity
  18. what are some examples of colonial hydrozoa?
    obelia, gonangium, obelia medusa
  19. what type of hydrozoa produces egg and sperm?
    obelia medusa
  20. what are the polyps of the Portuguese man of war?
    gas-filled float, dactylozooids, gastrozooids, gonozooids
  21. what does the dactylozooid do?
    prey capture and defense
  22. what does the gastrozooid do?
  23. what does the gonozooid do?
  24. what is another name for scyphozoa?
    true jellyfish
  25. what dominates the life cycle of scyphozoa?
  26. where do scyphozoa live?
    all marine
  27. what is the commonly shaped jellyfish?
  28. what is another name for Anthozoa?
    sea anemones and corals
  29. what dominates the life cycle of anthozoa?
    polyp (sea anemones)
  30. what type of fish do anthozoans associate with?
    clownfish (brightly colored)
  31. what threatens corals?
    global warming
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