structural classification of neurons

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  1. anaxonic neurons (# of processes & location)
    • 1.have multiple processes, but processes are indistinguishable as axons or dendrites
    • 2.found in the brain
  2. multipolar neurons (# of processes & location)
    • 1. have several dendrites and one axon
    • 2. common in brain and spinal cord
  3. bipolar neurons (# of processes & location)
    • 1.have one axon and one dendrite
    • 2.commonly found in special sense organs->retina of eye, inner ear, and olfactory mucosa
  4. unipolar neurons(# of processes & location)
    • 1. have one process extending from cell body-> which forms 2 branches:
    • a.central branch that functios as an axon
    • b.peripheral branch that functions as adendrite
    • 2. most sensory neurons
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    bipolar neurons
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    anaxonic neurons
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    multipolar neuron
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    unipolar neuron
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