functional classification of neurons (exam4)

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  1. which neurons carry nerve impulses from the skin,viscera and sense organs to the CNS?
    Sensory neurons
  2. whats another name for sensory neurons?
    afferent neurons
  3. what neurons carry nerve impulse from CNS to the effector (muscle or gland)
    motor neurons or efferent neurons
  4. whats another name for motor neurons?
    efferent neuron
  5. which neurons are 90% of all neurons?
    association neurons or internuncial neurons (interneurons)
  6. which neurons carry nerve impulses with in the CNS-> between afferent and efforent neurons
    association neurons or internuncial neurons(interneurons)
  7. what are the neurons of brain and spinal cord?
    association neurons or internuncial neurons(interneurons)
  8. whats another name for association neurons
    internuncial neurons (interneurons)
  9. what is the difference between pre-synaptic neurons and post-synaptic neurons?
    • pre-symaptic neurons are neurons before synapse
    • post-synaptic neurons are neurons after synapse

    (relative terms depending upon synapse referenced)
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