Pharm review

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  1. Exta pyridimal syndrome
  2. Antitussive produces anesthesia
  3. Antiemetic drug for chemotherapy
  4. Compound narcotic inion on narcotic
    Codeine and glyphenosine
  5. Angiotensive enzyme
  6. Folic acid with Dilantin therapy
    To prevent development of anemia
  7. Ritaline
    Home bx seizures drug interactions
  8. Dx of cancer
    Emotional stress of dx of cancer
  9. Sulcarafate
    Ulcer adhering complex
  10. Gi upset with aspirin
  11. Hyper stat ic
  12. 35 year old male on hypertension with Ed
    Tell him not to stop taking his meds
  13. ipecac syrup high dose. Low dose
    Emetic. Expectorant
  14. Who can't take annoretic drugs
    Patients on MAIO
  15. DVAP is a natural hormone produced by the
    Posterior pituitary
  16. DVAP is used to treat
    Hemophilia diabetes insipidas
  17. Epogen
    Shaking it will deactivate it ... It rebuilds Rbc"s
  18. Insulin should be
    Warmed to bodytemperature or could cause lipodystophy
  19. Treat respiratory illness with what medicine that corrodes rubber
  20. Prolong antacid use with aluminum hydroxide causes
    Depletion of phosphorus
  21. Adverse reactions with thiazides diuretics
    Hypo kalmia hyperglycemia and hyper uremia
  22. Benzoperoxide treats
  23. Prostaglandins cause
    Gastrointestinal distress nausea and vomiting
  24. When do we stop cochicine administration with Gout occurring
    Nausea and diarrhea
  25. CEalis over other Meds Ed work how long
    72 hours
  26. Indicate allergic reaction of antibiotic
    Inflammation locally at site :thickening of the throat
  27. Elledyl
    Regular and short term intermittent therapy for exzema
  28. If u are deficient in iron u should take
    Meselite deferyozone
  29. Before u give a drug that is a digitalis drug such as Demerol access apical pulse for 1 whole minute
  30. How do u administer nitroglycerin
    Under tongue up to three times at five minute intervalsI after three times if cheats pain is still present call 911
  31. Oralcontraceptive oral anticoagulant for prothrombin time
    2x normal value
  32. Pt ordered Zynacef and is allergic to penicilIan what do u do
    Withhold med
  33. Anticonvulsant used in a pt with trifeminal neuralgia
  34. Quinidine is not given with
    Neuromuscular agents
  35. PTs taking MAIO should not take or eat
    ThYramine or eat bananas
  36. Inner canula teach cleaning with hydro peroxide the nurse should make sure
    Cap is tight and they do not swallow
  37. Immunization for a child that is 14 and has not had chicken pox
    They should have 2 doses of immunizations 4 weeks apart
  38. Adverse affects from dantrolebe therapy is when and what
    3-12 months of therapy and monitor hepatic
  39. Salacylic acid acts a
  40. Sleep Meds a nurse should make sure
    To avoid daytime napping , they should excercise daily, and not to wake the pt during the night , and ask about sleep pattern
  41. IMITrex
    Take on first sign of migraine
  42. Most common use ofneuromuscular blockade
  43. With antacids you should ( that are chewable )
    Chew completely drink water after
  44. Narcotic cough suppressant therapy
    Slows respiratons
  45. Neuromuscular agent can cause
    Paralyzed respiration or respiratory depression
  46. If u cutt pain Meds from a pt in a hospital what does it do
    Prolong hospital stay
  47. Oral contraceptive combined progesterone andestrogen
  48. Pt in 2nd trimester justfound out she could have a live fetus and no longer wants a abortion what do ask??
    What are you'me conCERNs ?? ( open-ended question )
  49. Inflammatory response of nasal mucosa releases histamine
    Allergic rhinitis
  50. Nurse changes a antipsychotic therapy if the pt has a paradoxical reaction what is this?
    Opposite reaction . Stop Meds and call md (spring )
  51. Adverse alpha adrengenic agents
  52. Afran long term therapy stopped can cause
    Rebound affect
  53. Folic acid over the counter can be no more than
  54. Nonstinflammationinflammatory agents used in eye are most likely to cause
    Hypersensitivity reactions in PTs hypersensitive to aspirin
  55. Neuromuscularagents administer
  56. Nephrotoxicity
    Increase cyclosporine aNd loop diuretics can cause nephrotOxicity
  57. Phanytoine
  58. Aseptic in eye
    Silver nitrate
  59. Mucomyst
    Mucolytic agent
  60. Risk factors hypotension
    Smoking, over age 60 , obesity, no excercise
  61. Extended capsule
    Once a day dosage
  62. Oralcontraceptive can cause thrombophlebitis due to
  63. Byetta
    Causes insulin release from pancreas when glucose is high
  64. Sulfamanomide adverse effects
    Sore throat jaundace and fever
  65. Pt with emIsis position of on
  66. Extra pyridimal syndrome
  67. motion sickness agent
  68. TriamaterIne
    Potassium sparing diuretic
  69. Anzyolitics access for therapeutic effects :
    Decrease anxiety , muscle spasms ,decrease blood pressure ,decrease seizures
  70. ProcrIt
    Stimulates bone marrow to produce rbcs
  71. Topical medications
    Inner to outer
  72. Type onediabetes
    Insulin dependent
  73. Pt on Coumadin and heparin is trying to prevent a
    Blood clot
  74. Beta blocking eye drops are to
    Decrease inter ocular pressure
  75. Oral drug combination
    Hypoglycemi ( c agents a-glucovance
  76. Drugs that decrease Emesis risk for aspiration
    Antiemetic- glycopralade ( robonel)
  77. Neuron locker agent during mechanicaventilation check for
    Allalarm alarms on an set to detect changes:watch what u say explain what u are doing
  78. 75 year old pt falls on ice hip difficult sleeping on hypnotics
    Make sure side rails up avoid driving a car monitor ambulation
  79. Danrtrolene
    Formalignant hyperthermia
  80. Premaquine phosphate
    Prevention of malaria
  81. Gonatropin menstration
    Put in hospital
  82. Hemostatic agent
    Stops blood flow
  83. Gate theory
    Pain perceived theory
  84. Nosocomial handwashing
    Friction in washing
  85. Hibicleanse skin scrub
    Continuos antibacterial effects
  86. How long should hand washing be
    10 seconds
  87. Safety 131
    No contact with kids for a week
  88. Eye patch is used for
    To prevent injury if blink reflex is paralyzed due to medication
  89. Client teaching anticonvulsant
    Reg serum work, consult a doc b4 using over counter Meds
  90. No storing this in bathroom cabinet ?
  91. Tylenol and what can cause shortness or breath and bleeding
  92. Mufti ati drugs do what
    Dilate pupils and is used during ocular surgery to facilitate eye and prevent formation of aheaisons on lens of eyes
  93. PYlored erection
    Withdrawal from opiate
  94. Female RA in pain result of osteoarthritis has fatigue loss of appetite couldBev
    Bleeding out
  95. S/s w/ adverse effect antipsychotic drugs
    Muscle jerks, irritability anti choleric eps sedatal effects
  96. Annotretic agent
    Didrex decrease in appetite
  97. Manifestation salyicilate toxicity
    Tinnitus hearing loss
  98. If a pt has profuse drainage use a
    Decongestant at night
  99. Following ways to admin nasal spray
    Don't share, throw away after sickness, can sit or stand
  100. Static and Vidal not used together due to
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