Language Activity B #4 Vocab

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  1. abjure
    to renounce under oath; to abandon forever; to abstain from
  2. blasphemous
    to renounce under oath; to abandon forever; to abstain from
  3. censorious
    critical; tending to blame and condemn
  4. constituent
    component, part; citizen, voter
  5. deride
    to laugh at contemptuously, to make fun of
  6. enjoin
    to direct or impose with urgent appeal, to order with emphasis; to forbid
  7. febrile
    feverish, marked by intense emotion or activity
  8. gauche
    lacking social refinement
  9. imprecation
    a curse
  10. wan
    sickly pale
  11. uncanny
    so keen and perceptive as to seem supernatural, peculiarly unsettling
  12. tawdry
    gaudy, cheap, showy
  13. specious
    having the ring of truth but actually being untrue; deceptively attractive
  14. saccharine
    excessively sweet or sentimental
  15. proliferate
    to grow by rapid production of new parts; increase in number
  16. pique
    to arouse anger or resentment in; provoke
  17. panegyric
    elaborate praise; formal hymn of praise
  18. obdurate
    stubbornly persistent, resistant to persuasion
  19. milieu
    the physical or social setting in which something occurs or develops, environment
  20. interregnum
    a temporary halting of the usual operations of government or control
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