Art History Chapter 23

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  1. Diego Rivera Detroit Industry
  2. Henri Matisse The Red Studio
  3. Henri Matisse The Knife Thrower
  4. Georges Rouault The Old King
  5. Paula Modersohn-Becker Old Peasant Woman
  6. Ernest Ludwig Kirchner Street, Berlin
  7. Ernest Ludwig Kirchner Seated Woman
  8. Kathe Collwitz Woman Greeting Death
  9. Edvard Munch The Sick Child
  10. Edvard Munch The Scream
  11. Wassily Kandinsky Improvisation 28 (Second Version)
  12. Gabriele Munter Schnee und Sonne (Snow and Sun)
  13. Pablo Picasso The Glass of Absinthe
  14. Pablo Picasso Guitar
  15. Pablo Picasso Guernica
  16. Georges Bracque Still Life wiht Fruit
  17. Aristide Maillol The Mediterranean
  18. Diego Rivera Liberation of the Peon
  19. Jose Clemente Orozzo Barricade
  20. David Alfero Siqueiros Echo of a Scream
  21. Frida Kahlo Frida and Diego Rivera
  22. John Sloan Backyard, Greenwich Village
  23. George Bellows Stag at Sharkey's
  24. Alexandre Gustave Eifel The Eifel Tower
  25. Antonio Gaudi Casa Milla
  26. Antonio Gaudi Church of the Sacred Family
  27. Julia Morgan Hearst Castle
  28. Louis Sullivan Wainwright Building
  29. Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill Lever House
  30. fauves
    "wild beast"
  31. expressionism
    resulted in artworks that communicated strong emotional feelings
  32. nonobjective art
    a style that employs color, line, texture, and unrecognizable shapes and forms. These works contained no apparent references to reality
  33. cubism
    in which artists tried to show all sides of three-dimensional objects on a flat canvas
  34. ashcan school
    a popular name identifying the group of artists who made realistic pictures of the most ordinary features of the comtemporary scene
  35. armory show
    the first large exhibition of modern art in america
  36. electic style
    elements drawn from various sources

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