Art History Chapter 24

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  1. Elizabeth Murray Painter's Progress
  2. Marcel Duchamp Bicycle Wheel
  3. Joan Niro Carnival of Harlequin
  4. Salvador Dali The Persistence of Memory
  5. Paul Klee Fish Magic
  6. Grant Wood American Gothic
  7. Edward Hopper Drug Store
  8. Stuart Davis Swing Landscape
  9. Georgia O'Keefe White Trumpet Flower
  10. Jacob Lawrence Tombstones
  11. Willem de Kooning Woman IV
  12. Jackson Pollock Cathedral
  13. Helen Frankenthaler Interior Landscape
  14. Robert Motherwell Elegy to the Spanish Republic
  15. Claes Oldenburg Giant Three-way Plug
  16. Yaacov Agam Douple Metamorphis II
  17. Frank Stella Agbatana III
  18. Alfred Leslie 7AM News
  19. Audrey Flack Marilyn
  20. Andrew Newell Wyeth Winter, 1946
  21. Emily Carr Forest, British Columbia
  22. David Hockney Large Interior - Los Angeles
  23. Judy Pfaff Dragons
  24. Jacques Lipchitz Sailor with Guitar
  25. Henry Moore Reclining Figure
  26. Barbara Hepworth Figure (Archaean)
  27. Louise Nevelson Sky Cathedral
  28. Alan Houser Watching for Dancing Partners
  29. Alexander Calder Pomegranate
  30. Robert Smithson Spiral Jetty
  31. Christo and Jean-Claude Running Fence
  32. Duane Hanson Football Player
  33. Le Corbusier Chapel of Notre-Dame-du-Haut
  34. Lloyd Wright Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum
  35. Maya Lin Vietnam Veterans Memorial
  36. Michael Graves Public Service Building
  37. Charles Moore Piazza d'Italia
  38. dada
    the movement ridiculing contemporary culture and traditional art forms
  39. surrealism
    in which dreams, fantasy, and the subconscious served as inspiration for artists
  40. regionalism
    artists painted the scenes and events that were typical of their sections of america
  41. abstract expressionism
    artists applied paint freely to their huge canvases in an effort to show feelings and emotions rather than realistic subject matter
  42. pop art
    portrayed images from the popular culture
  43. op art
    a style that tried to create and impression of movement on the picture surface by means of optical illusion
  44. hard-edge painters
    placed importance on the crisp, precise edges of the shapes in their paintings
  45. photo-realism
    a style so realistic, it looked photographic
  46. mobile
    a construction made of shapes that are balanced and arranged on wire arms and suspended from a ceiling or a base so as to move freely in the air currents
  47. assemblage art
    a number of three-dimensional objects brought together to form a work of art
  48. environmental art
    outdoor artworks that are designed to become a part of the natural landscape

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