Nav Aids 4

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  1. What is the basic function of the AFDS?
    AFDS provides control of the flight directors and when engaged the, the autopilot to perform flight path guidance
  2. How is the AFDS normally controlled?
    Automatically by the FMS, or from flight crew input via MCP
  3. Where is AFDS information displayed?
    On the EADI/PFD as fitted
  4. Does the flight director bar show the actual aircraft Attitude?
    No, just the control inputs to change attitude
  5. What occurs if a Flight director mode fails?
    The respective steering bar dissapears
  6. Which type of flight director display shows two separate bars?
    Split cue display
  7. Which type of flight director shows the V bar like the van?
    integrated Cue display
  8. What is the function of the FMA? (Flight Mode Announciator)
    to indicate the current status of the of the AFDS
  9. Where is the AFDS status annunciated?
    On the EADI or PFD as fitted
  10. On the FMA, how are engaged and captured modes annunciated?
    in large Green Letters
  11. On the FMA, how are armed modes annunciated?
    In small white Letters at the bottom of the FMA boxes
  12. On the FMA, how is the degradation of a specific mode annunciated?
    By an amber line drawn through the mode annunciators
  13. Where is the AFDS Autoland status annunciated?
    On the AFDS staus Annunciator (ASA) below the FMA on the EADI/PFD
  14. What is the task of the gain program in the approach mode?
    To increase the scale of the localizer display in the later stages of an ILS approach
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