medical suffixes ch3

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  1. pain
    • -algia
    • -dynia
  2. hernia
  3. vomiting
  4. blood condition
  5. state of; condition
  6. inflammation
  7. destruction; separation; breakdown
  8. softening
  9. enlargement
  10. tumor;mass
  11. abnormal condition
  12. disease process
  13. decrease; deficiency
  14. irrational fear
  15. downard displacement; drooping; prolapse; sagging
  16. spitting
  17. bursting forth
  18. flow; discharge
  19. rupture
  20. hardening
  21. sudden, involuntary contraction
  22. narrowing; stricture
  23. process
  24. instrument used to record
  25. instrument used to measure; process of measuring
  26. to view
  27. instrument used to visually examine
  28. process of visually examining
  29. surgical puncture to remove fluid
  30. surgical binding; surgical fusion
  31. excision
  32. surgical fixation
  33. surgical reconstruction; surgical repair
  34. suture; sew
  35. stoppage; stopping; controlling
  36. new opening; artificial opening
  37. instrument used to cut
  38. process of cutting; incision
  39. cell
  40. specialist;
    -er; -ician; -logist
  41. process
  42. study of; process of study
  43. study of; process of study
  44. one who; person or thing that does something
  45. formation; development
  46. production; manufacture
  47. produced by; producing
  48. resembling
  49. small
    -ole; -ule
  50. pertaining to
    -ac; -al; -ary; -eal; --ic; -ous

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medical suffixes ch3
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medical suffixes

common medical suffixes chapter 3
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