chapter 8

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  1. what is the definition of nature?
    genetic differecs, inherited traits, intellectual capacities, social interactions
  2. what is the definition of Nurture?
    how we are raised, parenting styles, surroundings, economic factors.
  3. what is the definition of Temperments?
    behavioral charcteristics(nature) that we are born into
  4. what are the three basic tempermants?
    • 1. easy, difficult, slow to warm up
    • 2. levels of reactivity
    • 3. a product of nature and nurture
  5. what is the definition of attachment?
    the emotionl bond between an infant and there cargiver
  6. what are the four emotional bonds between an infant and there primary caregiver?
    • 1. secure
    • 2. avoidant
    • 3. ambilalent
    • 4. disorganized-disoriented
  7. what is the definition of egocentrism?
    the inability to see through anyone elses eyes
  8. what is the definition of personal fable
    adolescent belief that one is unique, invincible, protected from harm and the dangers of the univers
  9. what is the definition of imaginary audiece?
    adolescent belif that other are equally concerned about them and thir thought and interest as they are about themseves.
  10. what do men tend towards?
    what is fair and right
  11. what do women tend towards?
    non-violence and what decision will hurt the least amount of people
  12. what is the definition of pre-conventional?
    do not know somthing is wrong unless they get caught and are corrected(very young children)
  13. what is the definition of conventional?
    conformity, embarrased by parents, correct parent behavior (older children, adolescents, most adults).
  14. what is the definition of post-conventional?
    right and wrong, questions societal norms ( 20% of the adult population).

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