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  1. What is the principal of operation of an Air Temp Gauge
    Air passes into the opening of the probe and an amount of air directed into a cavity around the sensing element is virtually brought to a rest inside the probe.
  2. What is the definition of Total air Temp (TAT)
    SAT corrected for the percentage of the adiabatic Temp rise in the temp probe
  3. What is the definition of Static (true Ambient) Air Temp (SAT)
    The true temp of the air through which the aircraft is flying
  4. What is Ram rise?
    The frictional (kinetic) heating of the air in the boundary layer and the adiabatic heating effects of compressibility, as the aircraft passes though the air
  5. Definition of indicated Outside Air Temp (IOAT)
    The temp of the air indicated on the outside air temp gauge
  6. What is the recovery factor of an Air Temp gauge?
    The proprtion of the total ram rise of the Air Temp which the sensing element is able to detect in the air passing at any given time.
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Air Temp Gauge

Air Temp Gauge
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