SAT Words 4

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  1. implicit
    understood but not outwardly obvious, implied
  2. impregnable
    resistant to capture or penetration
  3. inarticulate
    incapable of expressing oneself clearly through speech
  4. incessant
  5. inclination
    a tendency, propensity
  6. Indigent
    very poor, impoverished
  7. indignation
    anger sparked by something unjust or unfair
  8. inept
    not suitable or capable, unqualified
  9. innate
    inborn, native, inherent
  10. innocuous
    harmless, inoffensive
  11. innuendo
    an insinuation
  12. insidious
    appealing but imperceptively harmful, seductive
  13. insinuate
    to suggest indirectly or subtly
  14. intrepid
    brave in the face of danger
  15. inundate
    to flood with abundance
  16. iridescent
    showing rainbow colors
  17. irreverence
  18. irrevocable
    incapable of being taken back
  19. jubilant
    extremely joyful, happy
  20. laceration
    a cut, tear
  21. languid
    sluggish from fatigue or weakness
  22. latent
    hidden, but capable of being exposed
  23. lethargic
    in a state of sluggishness or apathy
  24. lucid
    clear, easily understandable
  25. luminous
    brightly shining
  26. maelstrom
    a destructive whirlpool which rapidly sucks in objects
  27. magnanimous
    noble, generous
  28. malevolent
    wanting harm to befall others
  29. manifest
    easily understanable, obvious -- to show plainly
  30. manifold
    diverse, varied
  31. maudlin
    weakly sentimental
  32. mercurial
    characterized by rapid temperamentality
  33. meticulous
    extremely careful with details
  34. mitigate
    to make less violent, alleviate
  35. modicum
    a small amount of something
  36. morose
    gloomy or sullen
  37. multifarious
    having great diversity or variety
  38. mutable
    able to change
  39. myriad
    consisting of a very great number
  40. nascent
    in the process of being born or coming into existence
  41. nebulous
    vaguely defined, cloudy
  42. nefarious
    heinously villainous
  43. neophyte
    someone who is young or inexperienced
  44. nominal
    trifling, insignificant
  45. noxious
    harmful, unwholesome
  46. obscure
    unclear, partially hidden
  47. obsequious
    excessively compliant or submissive
  48. obstinate
    not yielding easily, stubborn
  49. odious
    instilling hatred or intense displeasure
  50. opulent
    characterized by rich abundance verging on ostenation
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