IELTS Voc 01

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  1. adolescence
    time preceding adulthood
  2. adulthood
    stage of life when someone is adult
  3. bond
    adhesion: the way one surface sticks to another
  4. brotherhood
    feeling of fellowship and sympathy for other people
  5. conflict
    disagreement or clash between ideas
  6. instinct
    strong natural impulse
  7. resemblance (ph: rezemblance)
    similarity in appearance or quality to somebody or something else
  8. rivalry (ph: ryvalry)
    • condition of competitiveness
    • competition action
  9. sibling
    brother or sister
  10. temperament
    • quality of mind
    • moodiness
  11. ties
    • strip of fabric worn around neck
    • something for attaching
  12. upbringing
    early training: the way in which somebody has been brought up, or educated.
  13. compound nouns:
    *maternal instinct
    *sibling rivalry
    *stable upbringing
    *striking resemblance
  14. close-knit
    mutual supportive: a community or group whose members are supportive of and loyal to one another
  15. one another
    • each to others (more than 2)
    • neighbors helping one another
  16. rewarding
    satisfying: provide somebody with personal satisfaction
  17. accommodate
    • oblige somebody: to adjust actions in response of the needs of somebody
    • have room for somebody
    • adapt to something new
  18. adopt
    • legally rise another's child
    • choose and decide to use something
  19. break down
    • tear down: destroy something
    • become or make emotional: become upset emotionally
  20. endure
    • bear hardship
    • tolerate disagreeable things
  21. establish
    start or set up something
  22. inherit
    receive something when somebody dies
  23. nurture
    take care of young things
  24. stubborn
    • unreasonably determined
    • dogged
    • عنيد
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