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  1. What structures make up the zygapophyseal joint
    Articular stages(processes)of adjacent vertebrae
  2. What structures make up the intervertebral foramen
    Intervertebral notches of adjacent vertebrae
  3. What emerges from the intervertebral foramen
    Spinal nerves & vessels
  4. At what vertebral level do the intervertebral discs begin
  5. Which vertebrae have alternate names
    • C1=atlas
    • C2=axis
    • C3=vertebral prominens
  6. What is the largest blood vessel in the neck
    Internal jugular vein (commonly right is the largest of the two)
  7. Which salivary gland is closely related to the ramus of the mandible
  8. At what level does the common carotid artery bifurcate
  9. Which vessel passes through the transverse foramen of the upper six cervical vertebrae
    Vertebral artery
  10. What structures are directly lateral to the trachea at the level of C6
    Thyroid glands
  11. At what level of C4, which vessel is the most lateral
    External jugular vein
  12. At what level does the larynx end
  13. Which two vessels form the superior vena cava
    Right and left brachiocephalic veins
  14. The sternal angle corresponds to which vertebral level
  15. List the structures that form the thoracic inlet
  16. At what vertebral level are the sternoclavicular joints found
  17. Where are the costophrenic angles (recesses) located
  18. What is the area of bifurcation of the right and left main stem bronchi called and at what level of the thorax does it correspond to
  19. Which main stem bronchus is the largest and most vertical
  20. What part of the lung is seen on the first axial section of the chest
  21. Which structure separates the thoracic cavity from the abdominal cavity
  22. In which part of the mediastinum is the thymus found
  23. Which chamber of the heart has the thichkes myocardium
  24. In viewing at CT scan of the entire chest starting from the apex of the lungs which major pulmonary vessel would you see first
  25. Which chamber of the heart is directly posterior to the body of the sternum
  26. Which chamber of the heart is most posterior
  27. Which chamber of the heart does the pulmonary artery arise
  28. State the three vessels arising off the arch of the aorta from anterior to posterior
  29. Which chamber of the heart is just anterior to the esophagus
  30. What is the WW and WL for viewing the mediastinum
  31. What is the WW and WL for viewing the lungs
  32. What is the common slice thickness and slice interval for the chest
  33. Besides using 1mm slice thickness and interval which two post processing methods will help to demonstrate a small lung nodule
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