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  1. Simpel Past
    yesterday, ago, last... week/month/year, in...1980/summer/the evening, at 8 o'clock, on Monday, when

    I walked to school last week.

    She took her dog for a walk yesterday.

    Last week he won a price.

    Our neightbour's dog barked loudly all night.
  2. Simple Present
    • every day, sometimes, always, often, usually, normally, regularly, seldom, never (Frequenzadverbien), first...then,
    • on Monday-Friday-Sunday, in the mornings-afternoons-evenings, after school

    Every day I go to work.

    Sometimes he goes to his girlfriend.

    My friend plays the piano very well.

    Jane and Bob get up at six every day.
  3. Present Progressive
    now, right now, at the/this moment, today, this morning-afternoon-evening, Look!, Listen!, in the picture

    What are you doing at the moment?

    Sally is doing her homework.

    This evening we are watching an interesting film.
  4. Past Progressive
    while, nach dem PaPro-Satz, "when" zur Einleitung des Ereignisses im Simple Past

    I was reading a book when Tom called.

    When she came in we were writing a book.

    While she was doing her homework, she heard a noise.

    All the lights went out while you were preparing dinner.
  5. Present Perfect
    just, yet, never, ever, already, all day, so far, up to now, not yet, how long, lately, the whole day, [today, this afternoon]

    zum Teil: since (Zeitpunkt), for (Dauer), recently

    I have just done my homework.

    The plane has just taken off.

    The have worked for 8 weeks.

    He has had his bike since his 10th birthday
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