anatomy and physiology

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  1. testicles produce gametes from meiosis
  2. gonads accessory sex glands, and ducts are part of what?
    basic plan
  3. a pair of sturctures which will produce male gametes(sperm)
    formed within the abdomen and will descend through the inguinal canal into the scrotum
  4. to lower the temperature of the structures
    main body wall
  5. a layer of smooth muscle (wrinkles the scrotal skin)
  6. separtes into two testes
    vertical septum
  7. outer portion composed of serous membrane
    tunica vaginalis
  8. inner most portion, composed of white fibrous tissue
    tunica albuginea
  9. forms most of the testes the cells that line these tubules with produce the sperm
    seminiferous tubules
  10. earliest phase
  11. produced from meiosis one
    primary spermatocytes
  12. produced from meiosis two
    secondary spermatocytes
  13. al most mature gamete
  14. mature gametes
    sperm (spermatozoa)
  15. complete with flagellum, midpiece full of mitochondria, and a head containing dna and acrosome containing enzymes
  16. lies between the tubules also called leydig cells
    interstitial spaces
  17. recieve the sperm from seminiferous tubules and form rete testis
    straight tubes
  18. lead from rete testis to the epididymis
    efferent duct ( vasa efferentia)
  19. vessles carry nutrients to the testicles
    testicular arteries
  20. absorbs the heat before it reaches the testes
    pampinform plexus
  21. together with the cremaster muscle, nerves, and blood vessels, it will form the spermatic cord
    vas deferens (vasa deferentia)
  22. a pair of ducts they are extensions of the vasa deferentia, recieves sperm and scretion from the semina vesicle
    ejaculartory duct
  23. single tube that extends from the urinary bladder through the penis to the external enviornment
  24. prostate _______, membranous _______ and sponty (cavernous) _______ are parts of what?
    urethra divided into 3 parts
  25. will produce an alkaline fluid to protect nourish and transport the sperm
    accessory structure
  26. pair of glands
    seminal vesicles
  27. atp production
  28. the vagina is acidic if the sperm werent _____ they would die
  29. motility and viability
  30. to coagulate semen
  31. it will secrete a material before the other glands, they secrete alkaline substance and mucus
    cowper's gland aka bulbourethra gland
  32. single gland urethra passes through it, secretes citric acid, clotting enzymes, and fibrinolysin
    prostate gland
  33. citric acid makes
    vitamin c
  34. fibrinolysin
    breaks down clotting
  35. sperm and the secretion of the accessory glands
  36. composes the external genitalia
  37. composed of erectile tissue which is formed from spony connective tissue and smooth muscle, vascular spaces between these tissues will fill with blood
    penis histology
  38. surrounds urethra, and forms head of penis and bulbourethral
    corpus sponginosum
  39. forms the crura (on the dorsal side), the spongy tissue will contain sinuses which will fill with blood during excitement
    corpus cavernosa
  40. attaches to the abdominal area
  41. made of corpus sponginosum
    bulb of the penis
  42. made of corpus cavernosa
    crus of the penis
  43. enlarged tip of the penis or the end of it
    glans penis
  44. covering the glans penis is the _____(foreskin)
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