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  1. What is the mechanism of resistance of MRSA?
    Altered PBP, especiall PB2a.
  2. Where does vasopressin act in the kidneys, through what receptor?
    • Medullary collecting ducts
    • V2.
  3. What is gp41 of HIV responsible for, inhibited by?
    • Viral penetration into target cells
    • Enfurvitide.
  4. What is gp120 of HIV responsible for?
    Viral attachement to target cells.
  5. What drug is specific for ischemic tissue, and used to prevent post-MI arrythmias?
  6. What virus family is both non-enveloped and has single stranded DNA?
  7. What does parvovirus B19 cause?
    • Erythema Infectiosum (fifth Disease)
    • Aplastic crisis in sickle cell
    • Hydrops fetalis.
  8. Three medications causing drug-induced lupus?
    • Procainamide
    • Hydralazine
    • Isoniazid.
  9. What are the genes predisposing for Early Onset Alzheimers?
    • APP chr 21
    • Presenilin 1 chr 14
    • Presenilin 2 chr 1.
  10. What is the gene predisposing for Late Onset Alzheimers?
    Apolipoprotein E4 (Homozygous).
  11. What is Diptheria cultured on?
    Cysteine-Tellurite Agar.
  12. What virus family creates envelopes from Nuclear Membranes?
    Herpes Viruses.
  13. What Gram positive bacteria synthesize dextran from glucose?
    Strep Viridans.
  14. Measurement of Thiamine Def?
    Erythrocyte Transketolase activity.
  15. Variability of HCV in blood?
    No 3->5 exonuclease Activity.
  16. What determines extent of feminization in Klinefelters?
    Estrogen:Testosterone Ratio.
  17. What lab value is increased in Klinefelters?
    FSH, reflects gonadal failure.
  18. Cold Agglutinins are produced in response to what infections?
    Mycoplasma pneumoniae, EBV.
  19. Norepinephrine stimulates predominantly which receptors?
    a1, b1.
  20. What heart defects is congenital rubella associated with?
    • PDA
    • Pulmonary Stenosis.
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