Toeic 1-04 carriage

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  1. hand-cart
    • n.手推車
    • Hand-carts are available at designated points around the airport.
  2. passenger
    • n.乘客
    • The passengers queued for hours to reach the desk.
  3. post
    • n.郵件
    • The post was late again today.
  4. postman
    • n.郵差
    • Run after the postman and give him this letter, will you?
  5. post office
    • n.郵局
    • The post office is just next to the bakery.
  6. post box
    • n.郵筒
    • Please put this in the post box for intermational deliveries.
  7. transport
    • n.運輸
    • I need to transport my possessions from my old house to my new one.
  8. dilivery
    • n.郵件
    • It is essential that the delivery arrives tomorrow.
  9. porter
    • n.門房
    • The poter will help you carry your bags upstairs.
  10. freight
    • n.運輸
    • The freight industry is divided into land, air and sea freight.
  11. air freight
    • n.空運
    • Air freight is the fastest method to send something.
  12. transportation
    • n.運輸
    • The illegal transportation of immigrants is big business for crime syndicates.
  13. carriage
    • n.運輸
    • Will you undertake the carriage of these items?
  14. freight train
    • n.貨物列車
    • The freight train seemed to go on foreever, so long was it.
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