Chapter 22 vocab

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  1. a changing electric current that carries information
    electronic signal
  2. a signal that varies smoothly in time
    analog signal
  3. electronic signal that varies information that does not vary smoothly with time but changes in steps between certain values and can be represented by a series of numbers
    digital signal
  4. an element that is a poorer conductor of electricity that metals but a better conductor than nonmetals
  5. a solid state component that allows current to flow only in one direction
  6. a solid state component that can be used to amplify signals in an electric circuit
  7. contains large numbers of interconnected solid state components and is made from a single chip of semiconductor material such as silicon
    integrated circuit
  8. number system consisting of two digits, 0 and 1, that can be used by devices such as computers to store or use information
    binary system
  9. short term memory that stores documents, programs, and data while they are being used
    random access memory
  10. memory that ant be changed and is permanently stored inside the computer
    read only memory
  11. any list of instructions for the computer
    computer software
  12. an integrated circuit that controls parts of the computer
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Chapter 22 vocab
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