SOC305 Feminism

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  1. Explain Balfour's feminist perspective /3 What does she suggest as a new tool?
    Critique of Foucault

    • Reinvigorate view of feminism: needs to think
    • about what needs to be done to improve

    • Governmentality & Foucault is critiqued
    • for not doing enough

    Liberalism provides no meaningful solution

    • Narratives as subversive (she
    • likes this idea)

    Provides different tool for studying sociology

    • However
    • most researchers dubbed it not scientific
    • enough, to experiential/personal
  2. Explain Bittle's critique of existing theories perspective /3
    Add women and stir problem

    • Feminism:
    • Whatever theory is developed, lets add women and stir the problem up

    Lower crime rates therefore not interesting subject/theory/topic

    Sexist assumptions in many theories of crime

    • Women are
    • deceitful, less advanced etc.

    • These theories are weak b/c they do not completely
    • analyze, they just add
    • women and stir
  3. Explain Comack's critique of criminology and feminism. (Hirschi)/3
    • Criminology can do more than look at the
    • causes of crime


    Hirschi critique

    • Looking at conformity but ignoring
    • women

    • Suggests
    • that women are more conforming, then
    • ignores

    Violence against women

    • 'to remain safe, women
    • should avoid dressing like sluts' Toronto Police Officer [MALESTREAM]
  4. What is embodiment? What is Iris Marion Young's perspective? How does language fit into
    Way of 'being' in the world

    Iris Marion Young

    • Gender behaviour being
    • taught are unequal to that of males; women crossing legs (pulling 'into' self) while sitting and
    • males spread open legs (taking up space)

    Language and its use

    • Is
    • structured to have same embodiment effects
    • Adrienne Rich poem

    • Very neat
    • and organized poetry (when oppressed within family & b4 lesbian
    • discovery)
    • Less organized after discovery lesbianism
  5. What is the feminist perspective of policing? /3 What does Ericson have to say about
    policing? /2
    • Policing is a masculine
    • enterprise - inherently masculine
    • Metaphoric (Nightmares)

    Big Brother

    Policing as a 'maintenance of order and the guaranteeing of security'


    Surveillant assemblages

    • Number of
    • networks being linked together with information about everyone

    'Born… then immediately electronically monitored
  6. How does
    prenatal screen and birth represent a moment of policing?
    • Ignores Prenatal screening as
    • a form of policing

    It’s policing (dis)order

    • Frequently occurs in down
    • syndrome testing

    • Termination
    • implied in asking whether baby has down syndrome before birth

    Genetic Counsellors

    • A form of
    • eugenics under the gaze of empowerment with choice and information

    Birth as a moment of Policing

    • Pregnant embodiment - Alice
    • Adams

    • Women in
    • medical journals in the past sets frame work for male gaze

    • Women
    • were only important for womb … child inside was most important
  7. Define the following theorist perspective on safety and security





    • Insecurity wrapped up in
    • capitalism

    • Ruling
    • class are insecurity and need to come up with new things to stay on top


    • Sovereign {concerned} about
    • securing territory/population

    Valverde Problem

    • This is why security often
    • looks like a thing

    • Seen as
    • something we can obtain more of


    • Safety talk co-opted by
    • responsibilization talk

    • Responsibilization:
    • people need to do what they can ensure own safety

    • Ignores
    • and fails to distinct how women think about safety

    • Danger not form capitalism
    • only - also misogyny
  8. Explain some differences and similarities between safety and security
    Safety is under-theorized

    Security encroaches on safety

    Thinking in the same regard; goal: Locking down threats

    • Security related to
    • liberal/capitalistic order

    • What's mine
    • is mine; must protect from other people

    Security as related to patriarchal order

    Both delineating/separating bodies
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