victorian history

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  1. "sun never set on british isles"?
    england owned something in every part of the world
  2. victorian novels?
    • timeless
    • several were made into plays
  3. 1st motorized vehicle?
  4. Queen victoria?
    18 yrs old on the throne
  5. queen victoria married?
    • prince albert
    • 8 kids
  6. What did victoria do when prince albert died?
    • went into mourning
    • wore black the rest of her life
    • went into seclusion
  7. a good thing queen victoria did for her people?
    opened royal parks up to the public
  8. Cornet?
    • smaller type crown that she wore
    • **with crown jewels
  9. Empress of india?
    • crown that can never be worn by anyone again because england does not own india anymore
    • **with crown jewels
  10. classes during victorian era?
    • rich kept getting richer and poor got poorer
    • *no middle class
  11. Florence Nightingale?
    led way for charities like YMCA and salvation army
  12. Charles Darwin?
    • survival of the fittest
    • *natural selection
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