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  1. writing style?
    wrote in pastoral, romantic style
  2. Idylls of the king?
    • about king arthur legend
    • about a gigantic book
    • very idealistic interpretation
  3. The Lady of Shallott?
    • poem has refrain
    • she is an artist who weaves a tapestry, she cant look out the window so she looks at reflection in the mirror
    • *isnt looking at life head on, looks at it 2nd hand
    • She gets tired of living her life this way and tries to experiance life herself and break out of artist world
    • *she cant cope with reality and should stay in her own world
    • -when she leaves tower, she ends up dying
  4. what poem is a dramatic monologue?
    ulysses by tennyson
  5. dramatic monologue?
    gets personality of speaker
  6. Ulysses?
    • talks about life as old man
    • **wants to live life to the fullest, dont waste your life by sitting and doing nothing
    • his body may be weak, but he still has the heart to push on
    • ***positive attitude towards life
  7. Ulysses greek name?
  8. Ulysses wife?
  9. example of elegy?
    in memoriam
  10. In Memoriam?
    • written for Arthur Henry W
    • *poem is scenes of ups and downs of him trying to reconcile his life to his friends death
  11. pt. 27 in memoriam?
    • doesnt envy bird because its in a cage, while he is free
    • *he can think, while beast goes by instinct
  12. pt. 54 in memoriam?
    trust that bad things happen for a reason and good will come out of it
  13. pt. 130 in memoriam?
    • just because he's not there doesnt mean he loves him less
    • **hes always with him
  14. which poem was important to tennysone?
    Crossing the bar
  15. Crossing the bar?
    go out to open sea : him dying and going up to heaven
  16. which poem is at the end of all of tennyson's anthologies?
    crossing the bar

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victorian era english

tennyson and his poetry
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