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  1. A vibrating tuning fork, placed in a vacuum will
    Be inaudible (vacuum)
  2. In a vacuum, radio waves and visible light waves have the same
  3. Parallel rays of light, after reflection from a flat mirror, will be
  4. Which of the following determines the sex of a human baby?
    Sperm Cell
  5. Isotopes of the same element have the same number of
    Electrons and Protons
  6. Erosion and Depletion are problems associated with
    Soil Conservation
  7. Correct formula for dry ice?
  8. Most common commercial fertilizers:
    Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium
  9. The acceleration experienced by the aircraft/pilot in direction perpendicular to wing is solely determined by the
    Bank Angle
  10. The flight envelope of an aircraft is
    The region of altitude and the airspeed in which it can be operated
  11. The locus of points equidistant from upper and lower surfaces of an airfoil is called the
    Mean Camber Line
  12. The straight line joining the ends of the mean camber line
    Wing Chord
  13. Two basic types of drag
    Parasitic, Induced
  14. Parasitic drag calculation
  15. Parasitic Drag
    Resistance of aircraft to the air in which it moves
  16. Induced Drag
    • Relative to wing's production of lift.
    • Low speed, high angle = induced drag
  17. Degree of movement of an aircraft around its lateral axis
  18. Delta wing aircraft have no
    horizontal stabilizer
  19. Moving the control column/joy stick to the left/right affects the ______ rather than indicating the _________
    rate of roll, angle to which the aircraft will roll
  20. On a scale drawing, 1/4 inch represents 1 foot. How long would a line have to be to represent 3 1/2 feet?
    7/8 inch
  21. An auto dealership offers a 15% discount on a used car. What's the discount on a car that is $13,620?
  22. There are ___oz in 1 lb
  23. It takes a factory 45 minutes to make 9 spindles
    How many hours will it take to make 96 spindles at the same rate?
    • 1. Find # of spindles/minute (45/9)
    • 2. 5 spindles/minute x 96 = x minutes
    • 3. x/60 = hours
  24. A guy paid 17.16 for something that had just gone up in price by 4%. What was the price before the increase?
    • 1. 4% + the original price (100%) = 104%
    • 2. 17.16 / 104 = 16.50
  25. Looking for percent increase/decrease?
    Looking for amount after percent increase/decrease?
    • 1. Multiply by 100, divide by original number
    • 2. Multiply by 100, divide original number by this
  26. Turbojet thrust: Inlet -> Compressor -> Combustor -> __________
    expanding gas stream through turbine and nozzle
  27. Ramjet engines consist of
    Inlet, Combustion Zone, Nozzle
  28. ____ maintain pich
    ____ maintain yaw
    Horizontal Stabilizer, Vertical Stabilizer
  29. Maneuver in which helicopters maintain nearly motionless flight
  30. A runway with the Approach Lighting System (ALS) would show an incoming pilot
    A series of lightbars and/or strobe lights extending outward from the runway approach end.
  31. The thrust of a turbojet is developed by compressing air in the inlet and compressor, mixing the air with fuel and burning it in the combustor, and
    Expanding the gas stream through the turbine and nozzle.
  32. A ramjet engine consists of
    An inlet, a combustion zone, and a nozzle.
  33. The part of an airplane that holds the cargo and/or passengers, as well as providing a base for the other aircraft parts, is known as the
  34. The Visual Approach Slope Indicator (VASI) is a system of lights designed to provide visual descent guidance information to the pilot during a runway approach. The system uses _____ lights to indicate the upper limits of the glide path and _____ lights for the lower limits.

    Red, White
  35. What is the difference between a steady red and a flashing red light signal from the tower to an aircraft approaching to land?
    A steady red light signals to continue circling and a flashing light signals that the airport is unsafe for landing.
  36. 10^(-2) = ?
    • .01
    • 10^ -2 = 1/10^2 = 1/100 = .01
  37. A scale of 1/2400 is the same as a scale of:
    1" = 2,000 ft
  38. If the log of x is 2.5464, the number of digits in x to the left of the decimal point is:
  39. What is -> -> ->| on a runway?
    • -> means you can take off from here
    • | means you can land starting here
  40. >>>> on a runway?
    overrun space
  41. Wind cone directions
    • North & South: 17-35
    • West & East: 9-27
  42. Wind Cone: Left And Right
    • Left = L
    • Right = Backwards L
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