random poems

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  1. Christmas storms and sunshine?
    by elizabeth cleghorn gaskell
  2. what did mary hodgens make for dinner in christmas storms?
    sausage for xmas dinner
  3. Difference between hodgens and jenkins in christmas storms?
    • diff social classes
    • hodgens- have a child
    • jenkins- have money and a pet
  4. The Miracle of Purun Bhagat?
    by ridyard kipling
  5. Brahmin?
    highest caste level
  6. untouchables?
    lowest caste level
  7. Purun Dass?
    • a prime minister
    • attened the best school, Bombay university
    • traveled a lot
  8. purn dass change his name?
    • they have a funeral for that name and he takes on the name Purun Bhagat
    • *becomes a begger
  9. What does Purun bhagat do?
    considers himself a holy man and give up everything he had to be poor
  10. Chela?
    a disciple
  11. What does purun bhagat do as a begger?
    talks to animals and travels the himalayas
  12. why do the aniamals wake purun bhagat up?
    • they warn him of the landslide
    • he warns the other people and saves their lives, but he dies
    • *the people make a shrine for him and never known that he was the prime minister
  13. matthew arnold?
  14. Dover Beach?
    by matthew arnold
  15. What is dover beach about?
    • clash between religion and evolution
    • *him and his wife can only depend on themselves
  16. Pied Beauty?
    by gereard manley hopkins
  17. Gerard Manley hopkins?
    • originally protestant, converted to catholicism and became a priest
    • **wrote about glorifying God
  18. meaning of pied beauty?
    • poem praises God because he created everything
    • attributes God for all that he has done, and that he did it all
  19. Thomas Hardy?
    wrote twisted stuff
  20. which author wrote in the style w/ local color?
    thomas hardy

    also mark twain
  21. Local color?
    language of the people
  22. The man he killed
    by thomas hardy

    • he shot the man just because he was on the other side because thats what was is like
    • *anti war message
  23. Ah, are you digging on my grave?
    • by thomas hardy
    • no one cares that shes gone, every had forgotten
    • dog was only at grave to bury a bone, forgot her grave was there
  24. The convergence of the twain?
    • by thomas hardy
    • commemorative to the sinking of the titanic
  25. A.E. Housman wrote ?
    • When i was 1 and 20
    • to an athlete dying young
  26. When i was one and twenty?
    he didnt listen at 21, and now at 22 he knows it's true
  27. To an athlete dying young?
    • fame goes very quickly
    • he died at the top of his career- he was the best
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