Evergreen id.

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    Weeping Norway Spruce

    Picea abies 'Pendula'

    Zone 2

    • Cones- large, gets from 8-10" long. start growing half way up the tree.
    • Specimin tree for weeping habit.
    • grows 10-20' tall, and 5-10' wide (small tree)
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    Picea glauca

    White spruce

    Zone 2

    • Very soft needles for a spruce. Needles have a whitish cast to them. Cones are black-brown in color and grow all over the tree. White spruce grows a lot of cones, making them easier to spot from a distance.
    • Grows 40-60' tall, and 20-30'wide (med.-lrg. tree{known as large})
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    Picea glauca 'Pendula'

    Weeping White Spruce

    Zone 2

    • Soft needles, whitish, 2" cones of a brown-black color.
    • Grows 15-20' tall, and 3-5' wide.(small tree)
    • Specimin tree for distinct columnar form, making it a very formal and expensive tree.
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    Picea omorika

    Serbian Spruce

    Zone 4

    • Rounder needles than the common spruce, green topside, blue bottomsided needles, small dark cones that have more rounded seed covering unlike the common spruce. Grows 50-60' tall and 20-30' wide (large tree)
    • Desired for the differing in color especially when used as a wind break, since the wind moves the branches.
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    Picea orientalis

    Oriental Spruce

    Zone 4

    • Small short needles, feels kind of like a brush, dark black green needles, cones are dark brown and are purple in the spring.
    • Grows 50-60' tall and 20-30' wide (large tree)
    • Desired for purple cones in spring and dark rich color.
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    Picea pungens

    Colorado spruce

    Zone 2

    • Needles taste pungent, cones grow on upper third of the tree, conical shape, 1" stiff sharp needles, like most spruce, the needles are squarish, small 4-6" yellowish brown cones.
    • Grows 30-60' tall and 20-30' wide (med.-large{medium mostly})
    • Desired as a background tree or as a wind break.
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    Picea pungens var. glauca

    Colorado blue spruce

    Zone 2

    • Needles taste pungent, cones grow on upper third, conical shape, 1" stiff sharp needles. Silvery blue color.
    • Grows 30-60' tall and 20-30' wide (med. tree)
    • Desired mostly for color, and as a good background/windbreak tree.
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    Picea abies

    Norway spruce

    Zone 2

    • Grows 40-60 ft. tall and 20-30 ft. wide (considered to be a large tree)
    • Softer small needles, large 8-12" inch cones that start growing about half way up the tree. More open and airy than the Colorado spruce.
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    Picea abies 'Nidiformis'

    Birds nest spruce

    Zone 2

    • Height and Spread 3-6'
    • Likes partial shade, its habit is a dense spreading broadplant, with a slight depression in the middle. Produces no cones, and is compact.
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    Picea abies 'Repens'

    Creeping Norway Spruce

    Zone 2

    • Wide spreading with a build up in the center. Branches at 45 degree angles, could be a ground cover, but is expensive.
    • Grows 3-6' tall and spreads 5-10'
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    Picea glauca 'Conica'

    Dwarf Albeta Spruce

    Zone 4

    Small, dense, cone shaped, and short tiny needles. Burns easily, so best to plant on east side, specimin tree for shape and slow growing habit. Super dense and tight.
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    Picea omorika 'Pendula'

    Weeping Serbian spruce

    Zone 4

    all branches weep, grows 20-30 ft. tall and 3-5 ft. wide, rounder needles with a blue underside, small dark cones. Specimin tree for weeping habit and unique coloring.
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    Picea glauca 'Densata'

    Black hills spruce

    Zone 2

    Dense tight growth, deep color, grows 20-40 ft tall and 20 ft. wide, has same needle structure as colorado spruce and same bitter taste.
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    Picea pungens procumbens

    Creeping blue spruce

    Zone 2

    Low spreading, grows to be 12 ft. tall and 5 ft. wide, and same needle construction as Colorado blue spruce.
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    Picea pungens 'Hoopsii"

    Hoopsii blue spruce

    Zone 2

    Very light blue- the bluest of the blues. Has longer needles than the common blue spruce. Grows 20-30 ft. tall, and 10-15 ft. wide.
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    Picea pungens 'Fat Albert'

    Fat Albert blue spruce

    Zone 2

    Colorado blue spruce needles and grows 15 ft high and 15 ft. wide making for a small fat tree.
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    Picea pungens 'Montgomery'

    Montgomery blue spuce

    Zone 2

    Also same composition as blue spruce. grows to be very small 8 ft. tall and 7 ft. wide
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    Picea pungens 'Iseli Foxtail'

    Foxtail blue spruce

    Zone 2

    Mutation on Colorado blue spruce, long needles in back and small in the front of the candle growth. Grows 20-30 ft. tall, and 5-10 ft. wide.

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evergreen identification

Names, zones, and descriptions of herbaceous and woody evergreens commonly used in landscaping.
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