Nav Aids 5

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  1. What is the basic operating principal of EFIS?
    To graphically and alphanumerically display flight and aircraft systems onto 1 or more displays
  2. What are the advantages of EFIS over mechanical instrumentation?
    Versatility, flexibility, redundancy.
  3. What is the advantage of LCD over CRT screens
    Lighter, less volume, more efficient, more reliable, more legible
  4. What is the primary function of the EFIS control panel
    To allow crew to select EFIS info appropriate to the stage of flight.
  5. How are the EFIS display units controlled?
    Via the DSP, the display switching panel and the EFIS control panel
  6. What is the purpose of the symbol generator (SG) in an EFIS?
    to provide video signals to to the EHSI and EADI/MFD/NDs screens
  7. How can the EFIS display be controlled if the EFIS control panel fails?
    Through the related CDU
  8. How are most EFIS display faults managed?
  9. How are faults managed if the auto reconfiguration does not function correctly?
    Manual control is available through the source selector panels
  10. What is the basic function of the PFD?
    To display info critical to flight.
  11. What information is NOT normally included as part of an Electronic Attitude Display Indicator (EADI)/Primary flight Display (PFD)
    the wind vector
  12. What information might you typically expect to be displayed on an EADI?
    The flight Director
  13. What colour is used on EFIS displays to denote armed flight modes?
  14. What colour is used on EFIS displays to denote background information
  15. What colour is used on EFIS to denote command information?
  16. What is the basic function of the Navigation Display(ND)?
    To display info relating to the lateral and vertical nav of the aircraft, as well as to display other info.
  17. What is the more current name for the Nav Display(ND)?
    Multifunction Display
  18. Which EHSI ND mode comprises the Flight Managment System programmed route, oriented with TRUE NORTH to the top of the screen?
    PLAN mode
  19. Which EHSI ND mode is presented track or heading up (As selected), showing the aircrafts position relative to the flights route, against a moving map background?
    MAP mode
  20. What are the 2 display options for the EFIS ND in MAP, VOR, and APP modes?
    An expanded mode with a partial compass rose, and a centred mode with a full compass rose.
  21. Which EFIS ND mode is recommended for most phases of flight?
    MAP mode
  22. How is the content of the multifunction displays controlled?
    By the EFIS Display selector panel (DSP)
  23. What is the operating principal of a Head Up Display (HUD)?
    Data is projected onto a transparent display in the line of sight
  24. What are the 3 components of a HUD?
    Combiner, Projector unit, Video Generator Computer.
  25. what is the basic info that is typically displayed on a HUD?
    A horizon line, Airspeed, Altitude, Heading, Turn/Bank, Slip/Skid
  26. What is the basic principal of operation of a Sythetic Visual System (SVS)?
    A terrain database is used to create a realistic view of outside world.
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