Nav Aids 12

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  1. What is the fundimental purpose of config warning system?
    To alert the crew that the aircraft is not properly configured for normal takeoff or landing.
  2. What pilot action activates the takeoff config warning system if the A/C is not properly configured?
    Advancing the thrust levers for takeoff.
  3. Does a config warning on Takeoff activate the master warning or master Caution? - what about during Landing?
    Master warning for both takeoff and warning
  4. On Takeoff, while the master Warning light can be reset, how can a config warning be cancelled/cleared?
    Before reaching rotation, the siren can only be silenced and the EICAS alert message cleared by retarding both thrust levers or correcting the config error.
  5. Witht the flap lever in a landing position and the landing gear not locked down, how can the Master Warning alert message and aural warning be cancelled/cleared?
    With the flap lever in a landing position, the aural warning and message continue until the landing gear is locked down or the Gear override switch is pushed.
  6. While the detail varies between aircraft types, what are the 2 most basic takeoff and landing config errors which are warned of?
    Takeoff - Flap/Slat setting, and stablilising trim setting.

    Landing - Landing gear not locked down, and flap not in the landing range.
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