Nav Aids 14

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  1. Why are most modern ATP A/C fitted with stall warning systems?
    Because they do not exhibit natural aerodynamic warning of an approaching stall
  2. What is normally the first form of warning that an A/C is approaching the minimum steady flight speed?
    Stick Shaker
  3. How is the control column normally vibrated (Stick shaken)
    A small electric motor attached to one, or both of the control columns, that rotates an out of balance shaft.
  4. What is the approximate margin over the stall that the warning usually goes off?
  5. What are typical inputs to the stall warning computer?
    • Angle of attack vane.
    • ADC
    • Air/Ground Switch.
    • The activation of ice protection systems.
    • The N1 or EPR indicator
    • Flap position.
  6. What do the pitch limit indicator bars on the EADI/PFD indicate?
    The pitch angle at which the stick shaker will occur
  7. What are the typical outputs from the stall warning computer?
    • Stick shaker
    • Stick pusher
    • input to the auto slat system
    • indications to the EFIS
  8. How can stall warnings be cancelled?
    By reducing the angle of attack.
  9. when will the autoslat system function?
    When the A/C is in flight, the leading edge slats are in the takeoff position, and a stall warning is activated.
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