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  1. Are Ring Laser gyros actually real Gyroscopes?
  2. What does the Acronym LASER stand for
    Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
  3. What is coherent light?
    Beam of identical frequency and phase.
  4. Which errors or limitations of a conventional gyroscope do not affect a ring laser gyro?
    precession, real wander or gimbal lock.
  5. What is the basic operating principal of a ring gyro?
    Two beams in opposite directions inside a cavity. Measures the differrence in frequency of the opposing beams.
  6. which component of a ring laser gyro detects the difference in frequency between the two oposing beams?
    The photocell detectors.
  7. What gas is usually used as a gain medium in a RLG?
    A mixture of helium and neon at very low pressure.
  8. how many mirrors does a triangular RLG have, and what are their characteristics?
    Three. two serve as both reflectors and optical filters. The third is partially transparent to permit a small amount of light to pass through an impinge on the photocell detectors.
  9. What is the function of the prism?
    To flip one of the beams around, causing iot to meet and interfere with the beam aimed at the photcell detectors
  10. What is Laser lock (lock in)?
    A limitiation of a ring lasr gyro. At very low rate of rotation, the freq diff can drop to zero.
  11. What causes Laser Lock?
    Smalll amounts of energy from one beam being back scattered into the opposite beam, causing the two freqs to be pulled together untill they have effectivly synchronised.
  12. What is the most common method of eliminating the effects of laser lock?
    To include a vibration device, known as a piezo electric dither motor.
  13. What is a major source of error in RLG?
    Random drift, cause by imperfections in the mirror.
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Ring Laser Gyros

Ring Laser Gyros
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