KIN 345

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  1. Ballistic Stretch - Knee Jerk test
    Both activate muscle spindles
  2. Muscle spindles
    detects the stretch of muscle
  3. Amphiarthriodial Joints
    partial joints / slightly moveable
  4. Hyaline cartilage
    holds the bone together
  5. Hip and Shoulder
    • are triaxle joints (3planes of otion)
    • -flexion/ext
    • -abd/adduction
    • -roation/circumduction
  6. Synovial Fluid
    • lubrication for joints
    • three locations
  7. Synovial fluid (3locations)
    bursae, tendon sheath, articular cartilage
  8. Two functions of art cartilage
    minimize friction and protects dislocation
  9. Goniometer
    measures joint angles (ROM)
  10. Number of proprioceptors do not affect ROM of joint
  11. GTO
    • Inhibit tension in activated muscles
    • Initiate tension in antagonist muscle
  12. Closed packed position at a joint
    • when a joint, the muscles are under stretch or activated
    • -more stable joint position
  13. Synarthriodial joints
    typically not weak
  14. Joint stability affected by (3)
    • shape of articulating bone
    • arrangement and size of ligament
    • area of contact between the bones (less = less)
  15. Sprain, Dislocation, bursistis
  16. passive stretching demonstrates a greater ROM
  17. Hyperflexion at the shoulder
    arm goes beyond 0 degrees
  18. Pressure
    amount of force over a given area
  19. extension
    the opening of an angle
  20. Superficial
    toward the surface of the body
  21. Torsion
    Twisting force
  22. Torque
    unit of torsion measured in N/m
  23. Superior
    Closer to the head
  24. adduction
    away from midline
  25. stress
    distribution of force within a body
  26. proximal
    closer to the trunk
  27. impulse
    product of force over time wthich force acts
  28. lack of flexibility
    erector spinae
  29. Sacral region of spine
    pubis, illium, ischium
  30. muscle fatigue
    • reduction of muscle force
    • shortening velocity
    • prolonged relaxation between motor unit recruitment
  31. Hip Joint - two bones
    -femur and acetabulum
  32. fast twitch oxidative flycolytic fibers
    contract quickly and fatigue rate is intermediate
  33. Radial deciation
    movement of the head at the thumb side in frontal plan
  34. Running downhill, why pick up speed?
    increase stride length
  35. Displacement
    includes positive, negative, north, and down
  36. increase spinal loading
    • rotation
    • assymetric frontal loads
    • increase lifting speeds
  37. articulation between adjacent vertebrae
    there is cartilage
  38. biceps brachii strongest when supinated
  39. Lateral pelvic tilt
    positions the acetabulum for hip abduction
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