Edward IV, Part 3, short readeption bits & bobs

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Edward IV, Part 3, short readeption bits & bobs
2012-04-20 11:16:24
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just about the battles in the transition phase when Edward came back etc
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  1. Where did Edward go to exile in 1470?
  2. During Henry VI's short reign, where was England at war with? Why, and also why was this unpopular?
    • At war with Burgundy, because Warwick & MofA accepted support of Louis XI on condition that they would join him in war with Burgundy. Feb 1471 - H's government went to war with Burgundy, Edward's ally.
    • Horrified English merchants because this would close off markets for England's woolen cloth.
    • Also meant Burgundy supported Edward with 50,000 crowns.
    • Also Henry's government went to war with Burgundy without consent of Parliament.
    • There was every chance that they would support Edward when he returned to England.
  3. When did Edward land in England? What did Clarence do?
    • March 1471
    • Clarence, with an army of 12,000, declared his support for Edward, and he forgave him for his former treachery!
  4. When did Edward reach London, and what did the Londoners do?
    • April 1471
    • Londoners opened the gates for Edward and were welcomed into the capital.
  5. When was the Battle of Barnet and what happened?
    • April 1471
    • Warwick defeated even though he had the larger army.
    • Warwick was killed.
  6. When was the Battle of Tewkesbury? Results?
    • May 1471
    • Edward fort the remaining Lancastrians who were raising the army, eg. MofA, Prince Edward, Jasper Tudor.
    • Edward once again victorious.
    • Prince Edward and many other Lancastrians, (eg. Edmund & John Beaufort killed)
    • That night, Henry VI was killed in the Tower.
    • Jasper and Henry Tudor managed to flee to France.